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Black Friday and more

April 26, 2011

Hello, all. Last Friday was a day that i'll definitely remember for awhile. I was sitting at Toyota dealership with my girlfriend getting my car serviced and get a call from my friend who hosts a sports talk radio show in Kansas City. He goes on to tell me that he's at the station and he just read on the wire that online poker is getting shut down, threw around the Department of Justice, indictments, money laundering. My initial reaction, perhaps fueled out of self preservation in this instance, is to not put much stock in people not in tune with online poker talking about online poker.

I was thinking 'ok maybe he's misinterpreting something, perhaps they're aiming at shutting it down but it's not shut down, etc, etc.' It became real when i got home and couldn't even log on and had seen on twitter what everyone was saying. It felt like i had lost a love one by the number of calls and texts i got about it, i almost wanted to reset my voicemail and be like 'Yes i'm aware that online poker is getting shut down and i may or may not get my money back and i may or may not be able to continue to make a living as i have in the past...Have a Nice Day!'

Although i know everyone that called me and texted me was doing it out of concern i think i actually like ignored a few calls or texts that day which i never do, i just didn't even want to talk about it really. Part of it too was that i didn't even know how serious it was at the time or how it's going to play out, nobody does. Trying to say UIEGA (or whatever the correct ordering of those haunted letters are, for some reason i always doubt whether i just said it correct every time i say it), let alone explain it to people that know very little about online poker is a pretty futile and tiresome conversation to say the least. Frequently asked post Black Friday questions.
* So is it illegal to play online poker?
*Are you going to get your money back?
* Don't you feel like you get cheated on there, i mean can't like a bunch of guys tells their friends what hands they have?

ETC, ETC, ETC. And then probably to my favorite post Black Friday question. 'So how much money do you have on there?'

I don't know man, how much money do you have in your bank account? How much you got in your 401K cuz?

Perhaps i'm being like overly sensitive or cranky here, but like asking someone (poker players, seem to get this a lot) how much money they made last year, or how much money they have online, which essentially is like a bank account, seems like a fairly inappropriate question to me, even more so if your asking someone that you just kind of know in passing or are more or less acquaintances with, let alone in front of like 10 or 15 people. Poker players constantly get asked how much they make, how much they made last year, it's a question that everyone i think realizes is a rather tacky question to ask someone in any line of work yet for some reason that logic and social tact doesn't apply when talking to poker players. I've always found that interesting.

Playing live poker that weekend was kind of annoying, probably got asked like a dozen times how much money i have online. I mean it's a completely i guess "newsworthy" and pertinent question if you will so i guess i get it, but again, i think a question of that nature is somewhat personal in my opinion, and probably only appropriate to ask someone you know fairly well. I got pretty good answering that question, "Man wish i had less on there that's for sure" probably ended up being my default, go-to answer.

That Sunday was probably the day it really crystalized for me. Typically Sundays were the days i chased the dream of popping off in Sunday tournaments during the day and usually played cash games later on at night. Always kind of sucked because Sunday is such a great day to watch sports, hang out with friends and family, golf, go to a sporting event, etc, etc, but i pretty much always missed out on all that fun leisurely activity for poker. It was kind of nice having all that time available. I ended up going golfing, going out to eat with friends, working out, and if not for a few friends flaking out last minute, almost got a few games of bowling in. Was maybe going to go to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond but 'i don't know, i don't know if i'll have enough time!'

New Favorite Song

Lil-Wayne to the Office beat

What other songs i've been wearing out

YG - Toot it and Boot It (Rap) *starts like 45 seconds in, btw how amazing is the kids Bill Cosby sweater, who jumps out of the Escalade in the beginning

(Above, YG) couldn't find a version that sounds anywhere near as good as my Itunes version, but if you remotely like it buy it on Itunes.

Deadmau5 - Sophie Needs a Ladder (House)
On my "What i should do now that i have extra time because i can't play online poker" To Do List:

1. Get a Bill Cosby Sweater
2. Learn PLO

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