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July 18, 2011

So once again, this WSOP seemed to be a bit bittersweet. That's not too surprising of course as it's a rigged decked and like 95 percent of people probably walk away from the WSOP with those feelings, as its very hard to make a final table or better, especially when you only play six large field tournaments like i did. I do feel a bit remiss for not playing a few more events, there were definitely opportunities were there 1ks or 1500s that i was in town and available to play that i elected not to because i wanted to play cash or decided to go out the night before. I really do think my approach to this WSOP was the correct one for myself which was to pretty much only play NL tournaments that drew over like 2k players, and on days where there were larger buy-ins or even 6-max NL tournaments i think i was better served playing cash. Perhaps i'm being too selective tourney wise, but i just don't think those 6-max tournaments aren't near as great of a value, although perhaps still a good value i'm sure, but particularly those that are like $2500 and up i wouldn't think are too Charmin soft. There's so much value in these WSOP tournaments because they have so many "Larrys" in them, like your typical dude who has a 9-5 job but comes out to wet his whistle in a few tournaments, with his Oakley's, a fanny pack, and a picture of little Junior on hand. But those types of people i think typically avoid the 6-max tournaments, leaving the 6-max tournaments with smaller fields and a lower "Larry" to good player ratio.
Tournaments can be so frustrating. I ran quite card dead in pretty much every tournament i played, i never really had like even a 2x average stack at any point. I did have one min-cash but that was bittersweet as i got all-in pre with JJ against 44 and lost, leaving me with like 2bbs left. I went out a few hands later, the exact hand where the bubble bursted and made money fortunately. Its funny because i ran pretty hot in my cash games sessions for the summer. I flopped sets and big hands left and right but didn't flop a set and get action or win a big pot preflop in any of these tournaments.
Meanwhile i would look around and see so many like 55-year-old civilians with monster stacks, and when they came to my table they like never played a hand. How do these people get these stacks? I'm sure often its from some young buck trying to play them off their hands but of course the "Larry" refuses to fold his top sets while the young kid cherry bombs off his stack in the name of having a blocker. The cash games were pretty good i thought. As usual, the 10-20 seemed to be the clear cut-off as far as getting in pretty juicy games were concerned. I would say a quarter of my time was spent playing 10-20 this summer. It's not so bad having 10-20 being somewhat dry because i always could find a good deep 5-10 game that played fairly close in scale to 10-20 with like a way softer lineup.

I wished i could have watched the US women's world cup game against Brazil. I saw the highlights and man did i miss an epic game. I did find a few things quite funny about it though. The US women's coach afterward said, "Someone's writing this book!" I mean i think that's a bit comical to say the least. You have the No. 1 ranked team according to FIFA and all your team has done so far is lose to an inferior Sweden team, getting your one goal off a misheaded ball struck from the shoulder late when you trailed 2-0, and beating a very good Brazil team in overtime after trailing the whole game thanks to penalty kicks. Helluva comeback and a big win for US women's soccer for sure against world power Brazil, but let's hold off on contacting Mitch Albom just yet. All you have done is sneaked your way out of the quarterfinals with the Boss team. I also found it interesting that after the Sweden game the team did a little celebratory dance. It wasn't in your face, it wasn't pompous. I can't remember which announcer made the comment but she said something to the effect of, "I think that's a bit much, etc." I mean when your the dog team and you knock of the Boss team i think a fun celebration is completely in line. Meanwhile, after the US women's team wins, our own coach of all people, does her best Ted Nugent cat scratch fever impersonation, gyrating with some Guitar Hero riffs and proclaiming that a book is being written. And when that's done its completely appropriate