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September 28, 2010

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August 10, 2010

2010-08-10 #2

August 10, 2010

167th MTT Win

June 02, 2010

Tags: DaMatrix, EMOP, Win.

Won another €2,000 EMOP package the other day :)


166th MTT Win

May 30, 2010

Tags: DaMatrix, EMOP, Win.

Finished 1st out of 152 recently to win my 166th MTT and a €2,000 European Masters of Poker package :)

Fcukin Bubbles

May 30, 2010

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Recent bubbles! FML!

DaMatrix v Moorman

April 20, 2010

Tags: DaMatrix, Doyles Room.

PocketFives Player to Face DoylesRoom.com’s Chris Moorman in $1,000 Heads-Up Match

DMTRX selects 2009 Player of the Year for $1,000 heads-up match

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 20, 2010 – The 2009 PocketFives.com Online Tournament Player of the Year is about to prove his worth against one lucky PocketFives.com reader. Chris Moorman of The Brunson 10 will go head-to-head with DMTRX for $1,000. The PocketFives.com reader won a heads-up match through a special promotion after winning Monday’s Beat The Brunson 10 tournament at DoylesRoom.com.

On Monday, April 12, PocketFivers were invited to play for something extra in The Brunson 10 tournament. If a PocketFives.com reader were to take down the tournament, that player would win $1,000 plus a seat in a heads-up match against the Brunson 10 member of their choice.

After finishing first in the tournament and earning an additional $1,000 bonus, DMTRX selected Chris Moorman as the Brunson 10 member to beat.

Chris Moorman is one of online poker’s most successful pros. The Brunson 10 member from the UK was ranked #1 worldwide on PocketFives.com’s list of online poker tournament players in 2009, an achievement that quantifies the unequaled respect he’s earned among the online poker community. Moorman was also ranked fourth in both CardPlayer’s and Bluff’s Online Player of the Year Leaderboard rankings in 2009.

The $1,000 Heads-Up match between Moorman and DMTRX will take place this Wednesday at 7pm ET prior to DoylesRoom.com’s $50,000 Bounty Tournament, an event that pays up to $50,000 to players who can take down multiple members of DoylesRoom.com’s pro team.

A full biography on Chris Moorman is available online at DoylesRoom.com.

About DoylesRoom.com:
Online since 2004, DoylesRoom (DoylesRoom.com) is one of two brands in the Doyle Brunson family of gaming sites. Along with DoylesCasino, DoylesRoom provides players from around North America and the world with an online gaming experience like no other. DoylesRoom is famous for providing players with access to unequaled poker promotions, fast action, and countless opportunities to play with Doyle Brunson and other legends of the game. With free poker software, lessons, tournaments, nonstop Sit-and-Go tournaments and ring games available at all limits, DoylesRoom is the preeminent poker destination for real live game play—online or anywhere.

158th and 159th MTT Wins

April 15, 2010

Tags: DaMatrix, Win.

After my $1621 1/214 win at DoylesRoom...

€281, 1/46 - Greatest comeback ever, from 102 chips in second hand had to bust 8 people inc dude heads up to win top prize lol

€281 158th MTT DaMatrix Win
€281 158th MTT DaMatrix Win

$420, Joint 1st/121, frigging timed out with aces 4 handed in the sb with UTG raise and me short stack fml but came back lol

$420 159th DaMatrix Joint MTT Win
$420 159th DaMatrix Joint MTT Win

Wins are like buses!

157th MTT Win

April 15, 2010

Tags: DaMatrix, Doyles Room, Win.

After busting AJKHoosier in the previous Beat the Brunson 10 at DoylesRoom for $500, I took down the same tournament the other day by coming 1st/214 for $471 plus $150 in bounties plus a $1k Champion bonus as well as a chance to play a Brunson 10 Heads-Up for $1K.

DaMatrix wins the Beat The Brunson 10
DaMatrix wins the Beat The Brunson 10


Team Devilfish Las Palmas

February 11, 2010

Tags: DaMatrix, Devilfish, EMOP, Las Palmas.

Uploaded a new photo album: Las Palmas. It features photos from my recent trip to Las Palmas to play in the European Masters of Poker Gran Canaria after qualifying online. I represented Team Devilfish along side the captain Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott.

See the photos here: http://my.pokernews.com/DaMatrix/photo-category/las-palmas-da-matrix/

It was a great experience despite not cashing in the tournament. I couldn't recover after losing KK v AA.


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