Me and my Poker

by Gedas

How poker became my life

July 10, 2007 2 comments

Hi everyone,
Most of forum readers/posters most likely now me, and know that I am working for PokerNews as marketing manager, part time customer service team manager Smile
Two years ago I was working in one online marketing company, when PokerNews came to me with a life time offer and I took up this challenge and tied my life with Poker. Of course I had some knowledge in poker from the past, I still was a student you know Smile We use to play some poker even at university, but psst, don't tell this to my ex-lectures Smile
I started playing some online poker, which, I think, is really great fun and relaxing. Of course you get stressed out by bad beats, but thats life, you must stand up and fight again! I love playing at PokerStars, although, I don't have to much time for that, but when I can, I do play there. It is really nice to feel the competition.
But things get better and better, I grew along with the company, and now I still love my work and like to turn around and see how I added my hand to our growth.
I will get back and post here more secret and internal info, as much as I will be allowed to tell you, not to telling to much to our competitors Smile


PokerNewser July 16, 2007 Quote

if i remember well, we met at TonyGPoker on a heads up table. U were trying hard, but.... Smile)))

I'm looking for our private PokerNews Freeroll at Stars in august - I hope I will be able to teach U a new lesson Wink

Cya dude!!!

Gedas July 17, 2007 Quote

and I hope ill get heluwa lucky and beat ya up there Wink

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