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Getting Coached-- My path to beastdom

April 07, 2010 1 comments

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Hey PokerNews people!

First of all, I wanted to say that I'm sooo happy to be working for this company. I've had such a wonderful time so far and love everyone I get to work with! That being said, I guess I'll start my first blog!

I've been given the opportunity of a lifetime which is that I'm being coached by a lead instructor on Deuces Cracked. I recently wrote a blog on their site that I wanted to share with you all! So here ya go:

Poker players are obviously good at reading people, but often, it doesn’t transfer from the poker table to real life. For Jay Rosenkrantz, I believe it does.

First, he saw a real desire in me to change and improve my game. He knew I wasn’t bullshizering, and that I was willing to put in the work. I have always had a passion for poker but have honestly been too scared to really take advantage of opportunities that have presented themselves along the way as a poker hostess. But, when the chance to get coaching from DeucesCracked came along, I knew I had to push that fear aside because offers like this are almost too good to be true.

Now the second reason I think Jay is amazing at reading people is because he undoubtedly paired me up with the best coach for me… Andrew “Balugawhale” Seidman. I know that there are so many incredible coaches here at Deuces, but I’m positive that Andrew’s personality and coaching style are perfectly compatible with me and my learning style. Obviously, Andrew could coach a monkey to be successful because he’s so good at it, but I definitely wanted to thank Jay for pairing me up with him. NICE READ.

Before I met my coach though, I was pretty effing nervous. I had no idea what to expect. I was soo excited that he turned out to be super friendly, outgoing, honest, and a great listener. That last trait I mentioned might seem like an odd one to point out, but in my opinion, it’s one of the most consistent characteristics of genuine people. People who have something to prove, are too into themselves, or only have ulterior motives for everything nice they do are generally terrible listeners. Anyway, sorry for the quick rant, but long story short, Andrew is GOOD PEOPLE.

The original plan was that Andrew would stay in Vegas for a few days and do a pretty intense eight sessions of coaching me for a series on DC. We worked really hard, but we also had an awesome time off the virtual felt too. He played on my coed soccer team and scored a goal (Brag: I scored 3 though, OHH one-upper!!!), we went to a country bar with Poker News people and rode mechanical bulls (I have video of it… thinking about submitting it to be spliced into one of these Coaching Kristy videos— what’ya think?), and we popped bottles in the club one night too.

Needless to say, the few days he was here were both super informative and FUN! When he left, I felt really confident about my game and was excited to start putting into place everything that I’d learned. Then, I got even better news!

We couldn’t use the videos and I was going to get eight more sessions of coaching with Andrew! YIPPEEEE!

So, the first video was posted today, and I’ve been really nervous for this. Basically, I’m making myself super vulnerable, but hey, whatever. It’s worth it, and I hope other people can learn with me. It’s tough sometimes to admit that you need help to improve your game, but not many people can be their best without it. I know a lot of people will be able to relate, so that’s why I’m ok with viewers watching me struggle and completely misplay hands and embarrass myself! It’s all a learning process!

And speaking of processes, I want to repost what Andrew wrote in the comments, which are the processes we referred to in the first video that I learned in our previous unseen coaching sessions…

process when facing a bet or raise
1) passive or aggressive?
2) value betting or bluffing?
3) value hands worse vs value hands better, count up total bluff hands

process when deciding whether or not to bet or raise:
1) am I value betting or bluffing?
2) if value betting, which worse hands call or raise?
3) if bluffing, do I have PE + FE?

I’m going to be posting at least every week about the latest video, and also about my progress. Right now I’m at NAPT Mohegan Sun doing video coverage for Poker News, so I won’t be able to put in a lot of hands, but I definitely will once the tournament is over.

I hope you all are well and enjoyed the first video. If you have any constructive criticism, questions, or suggestions feel free to message me!


<3 Kristy aka Guess16 aka Ninja Dolphin (if that doesn’t make sense, wait until next week Smile

P.S. If any of you get bored of just reading about poker, I also keep my personal blog at Thanks!



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