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Hello Again, In Yo FAYYYYCE

April 27, 2011

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If you haven’t noticed, all the PokerNews hostesses have started blogging! I think it’s such a great idea not only because I think all the women are amazing (Lynnie G, Sarah “Jay-Z” Grant, Globalls, and the new ladies Nichole Pickering and Laura Cornelius) and I can’t wait to hear their stories, but I also believe we can all provide a different take/view on poker than players can. For my blog here on PokerNews, I decided to keep it strictly about poker (my personal blog is at here). The plan is to post every Wednesday, and I thought it'd be fun to share a hand I've played that can be up for discussion! I don't mind putting myself out there. Feel free to call me a donk Smile

So for those of you guys who don’t know, I play a TON. I used to play a lot online, but now I’m transitioning back to live along with tons of other poker players in Vegas. Since Black Friday, online players have flooded Vegas poker rooms, and they stick out like sore thumbs. Just look out for the young guys in sweat pants with dork stacks sitting in a $5-$10 game who don’t know how to handle their chips… chances are, they’re three-betting your face off.

Now, I can’t help but observe these creatures in an unnatural environment. There are a couple of tips I have for them…

Three Tips for Online Poker Players Transitioning to Live Poker

1) Acknowledge that you will get bored… it’s a lot less hands an hour. Also, other players may annoy you with their “poker talk.” Just wear headphones, and don’t spaz because of it... Come to think of it, there are a lot of live poker pet peeves that internet players never had to deal with...

2) Spots that are “standard” online, are not the same live.

-Live players in general are much more tight/passive than online players, and WAY more tight preflop with their 3-bet 4-bet ranges. When the button opens, the small blind three-bets, and the button four-bets… It is almost NEVER a bluff if it’s a recreational player!! Since live cash games play much more deep, you can actually fold QQ pre. It’s not just “standard” to get it in.

3) When you berate a player, they can hear you…they are literally right next to you.

Is it wrong of me to do this when I win a hand while yelling "IN YOOO FAYYYYCE!!!!"

-But seriously, Internet players more often have the propensity to yell at or criticize recreational players. They are used to playing behind a computer where blow ups can happen in the privacy of one’s own living room. Doyle Brunson used to preach that the pros must make it a priority to ensure that the “fish” are having a great time playing, otherwise they won’t come back. Why would someone continue to play a game at which they are obviously losers, when these young kids are yelling obscenities at them? It should go without saying that I’m in no way accusing ALL internet players of this, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve seen this 10times more often in the last week and a half than in all previous four years of my live experience in Las Vegas.

That brings me to this week's hand... It happened last week at Aria in the $2-$5 game.

So we’ve been playing for about 20 minutes, and there are actually a few decent players in the game. They are three-betting pre, making good/tough hero calls, and just seem to be playing well. A standard reg opens UTG + 2 to $20, one person flats, and I have A6cc in the cutoff. This is a three-bet sometimes, but I decided to flat. A loose/aggressive semi spazzy player flats in the small blind. The flop is K 5 4 one club.

It checks to me… I decide to take a stab. I'm in position, it’s a decently dry board, and I think I can get better ace-highs and under pairs to fold with a couple barrels. There are a lot of turns that give me decent equity, and also, against most hands that check-call me, I think my Ace is live. I bet $45. The loose/agro calls and the original raiser calls. The turn is the 3c giving me open ended and the nut flush draw. They both check.

At this point I have $520-ish in my stack. I’m not worried about the original raiser check raising. I think he’s got a pair under the K, or else he would have c-bet the flop, or bet the turn. What I want is the loose-aggro player to check raise so that I can jam overtop. I think he’d checkraise this card on the turn with both value hands (sets, and two pairs) and bluffs with any sort of equity (5-6, 4-6, 3-6, 4-7, flush draws). I also think it's possible that he turns a weak K into a bluff. My hand looks like K-Q, K-J, K-10 which he’s definitely ballsy enough to try and take me off a one pair hand.

I need to make sure my bet sizing is small enough so that I have enough stack to have 3-bet ship fold equity. I bet $80, which now, looking back, I don't think gives me enough stack behind. It's super awkward if he makes it anymore than $200. Anyway, he called and the original raiser folded. The river is AWESOME. It’s the 2c. He checks. So now what do I do? Remember, the pot is $365, and I have $440 behind.

Let me know what you think of the hand, as well as what you think my river play should be. Next week I’ll let you know what happened, what insane words he called me, and I’ll have another hand for you guys.




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