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Since the WSOP

July 31, 2011 1 comments

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It's been a little over a week since the WSOP ended, and I haven't played a hand of poker. So, this blog is just going to be a bit of an update since I have no hands to talk about! My family has been here this week, so I've been hanging out with them. It's only now that I'm feeling the total withdraw from all the action and commotion of the summer. The poker rooms are once again full of regs, all my poker playing friends are gone, and it's back on the road for me and my fellow PokerNews people. Lynn is back in Australia and then off to Uruguay with Donnie Peters. Sarah is leaving for Tallinn, Estonia today. And then in a couple weeks, I'm heading to Barcelona, Spain which I am sooooo excited for! Have any of you been there? Have any advice? I hope Lynn writes one of her amazing "Around the World Articles" about it Smile Hint hint...

She and Nicky Pickering have been covering the APPT in Melbourne, and just shot another edition of the Weekly Turbo (the video version of Elaine Chaivarlis' awesome written Turbo). If you guys have missed anything in PokerNews this week (or you like hot girls! whooo, yeahhhh), you should definitely check it out. Also, Matt Parvis makes his Weekly Turbo debut for the ladies!!

Now, if you watched that, you might have noticed one of the news stories about this guy who wrote an article about the top 25 girls he knows he can beat in poker. It seems like such a weird/gimmicky article to write, but all of the articles on the website it's featured on are like that. And I'm sure it works. Heck, I'll click on a Top 25 Hot Girl list any day. As far as this one goes, I do NOT belong in the same class of scorching hottness as all the other women on this list, but if this guy wants to think he could own us in poker, that's fine Smile Click here to read the story. How many of these ladies do you think you could beat???

I hope you all are doing well and are over your post-WSOP hangover Smile I'm sooo jealous of everyone who got to go home and soothe themselves with online poker. I'm ready to get back in the saddle and will be back with more hands next week.

PEACE- Kristy



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