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Ski Trip

December 18, 2011 1 comments

Tags: Kristy arnett, Poker strategy, Jared tendler.

Last week, just after coming back from EPT Prague, I went to Lake Tahoe for some skiing and some R&R. The city has to be one of the most beautiful places I'd ever seen. Everywhere I looked could have been the setting of a postcard. The slopes weren't as snowy as we would have liked, but it was still amazing fun.

I'm so excited to go home and see my family. What are your guys' plans for the holidays?

I'm doing a podcast this week which is Part 2 of a interview with Jared Tendler, author of The Mental Game of Poker. I'm excited to talk to him about how the application of his process went for me in a session of poker.

Hope you all are well!


Strategy with Kristy: Kane Kalas

December 01, 2011

Tags: Kane kalas, Kristy arnett, Podcast, Poker strategy.

In the latest edition of Strategy with Kristy, I talked to 22-year-old Kane Kalas, an instructor on We talk about how to play small pocket pairs in a six-handed no-limit hold'em cash game, demonstrated by hand histories. Kane played as "Kangis." Here are the hand details to help you follow along with podcast.

Game: $25-$50 NLH 6-max

Hand #1

Kangis - $5,218
Flufferd - $5,377

Kangis opens {6-Diamonds}{6-Spades} UTG to $128. Flufferd reraises to $400. Kangis calls. Heads-up. Pot is $850

The flop is {6-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}. Flufferd checks, Kangis bets $513. Flufferd folds.

Hand #2

Kangis - $5,691
Flufferd - $5,000

Flufferd min raises on the button to $50. Kangis calls with 2s2c in the big blind. Pot is $225.

Flop is {9-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{2-Hearts}. Kangis checks. Flufferd bets $150. Kangis calls. The pot is $523.

The turn is the {7-Clubs}. Check, check.

The river is the {9-Diamonds}. Kangis bets $689. Flufferd calls and mucks.

Hand #3

Kangis - $6,801
CanCollector - $6,757
Numbr1mom $12,240

Kangis opens {6-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} UTG to $124. CanCollector calls behind. Numbr1mom reraises from the BB to $575. Kangis folds.



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