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March 25, 2013 2 comments

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Hey guys!

I just got back from a trip of a lifetime to Seoul, South Korea and to Tokyo, Japan. I plan on writing a long blog about the trip, but for now, it's all about POKER!

I played my first APPT Main Event while in Seoul. It didn't go too well, but I discussed my experience in an episode of Strategy with Kristy.

My latest guest on the podcast was Reid Young. He's been on multiple times before and is always a huge pleasure.

On the podcast, we discussed topics from two of his strategy videos on his Transform Poker YouTube channel. Here they are so you can follow along.

Hope you guys are well! <3


PaulGibbons March 26, 2013 Quote

Two fascinating hands. The first is far too complex to comment - I'd like to read what others think. But on the river, I'm curious whether the value range includes better Jx here... Lots depends on whether the blind would check call with better Ax (say AT)... I'd expect once check called on turn, that those better Ax type hands are check calling for value - so there is no Jx in buttons range... is a stubborn pair of 7s/ 9s/ 5s still in? So I'd tentatively say that the third barrel is AQ+ and airballs... so to profitably call with At/9/7, we need pretty good read on villains river tendencies... in my games, they NEVER fold what made hands they get to the turn with on the river - and I'd say I empty the clip almost never (plus is high variance).

On the second hand, I'm curious whether we think raising OOP with QT off is absurd... I would probably complete as we dominate T8x/ Jt/ Q9 type hands that might limp the button... If I had raised, I'd bet that flop 100% - prepared to fire a second shell on 2/3/4/A/Q/J.

PaulGibbons March 26, 2013 Quote

And on the second hand, if the big blind has red blood in his veins - and raises this 100% exploitable situation (I mean what can the SB call with profitably this deep that he only completed with, pairs don't have implied odds for sets and broadways and connectors are either dominated or OOP 50 deep - neither of which works... if that is the case, my completing range in SB will be very strong indeed... (including perhaps somehands I might limp reraise with against a laggy button)

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