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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

November 26, 2011

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!! Smile

There are so many things I'm thankful for, but it's mostly the people in my life. I have such a wonderful family and the best friends a person could ask for. No matter where I am, I'm also missing someone, which is a good problem to have! Also, I have the best job ever.

One of my Swedish friends is in town, and Andrew thought it would be a good idea to show him what the real Black Friday is all about. We didn't take him to Walmart or Best Buy (because we knew it would be suicide), but we did take him to a mall. Fashion Show was packed. No screaming moms, but it was scary nonetheless. Jonas and I just ended up both buying a pair of Steve Maddens and a gift for a White Elephant/Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Then we GTFO'd.

We noticed that the Black Friday sales were good but not great. It definitely wasn't worth the hassle. At lunch, we met up with another one of our friends, Mike (Umpa). He's a former PokerStars SNE who was fired from his job on what we all call the REAL Black Friday. He and his mom were interviewed for the local news on the way into the mall. They asked them, "What do you want for Christmas?" (to which Mike answered: for poker to become legalized) and "Are you aware of Cyber Monday?" Hmmmm that sounds like a day where everyone gets in an "adult" chatroom and asks ASL (Age, Sex, Location), followed by "what are you wearing?"

Well it's not. Apparently it is Black Friday for the internet. There are deals that people can take advantage of from the comfort of their own homes! As a person who buys everything on Amazon, it sounds AMAZING! Google Cyber Monday, and I'm sure you'll find everything you need to know if you are interested in it.

Anyway, today I'm nursing a bit of a headache. There's a Pub in Crystals at City Center that will give you your beer for free if you drink it in 7 seconds. I attempted with some Irish creamy beer. It was supposedly easier to chug since there is very low carbonation. I actually got pretty far, farther than I expected to. I didn't get my beer for free, but that was a pretty good indication of how the rest of the evening was going to go. At one point, I was at a PT's on Trop and the 95 doing the Cupid Shuffle. WTF? Then, of course, we ended up at the poker tables. I passed out at around 3 a.m. and when I woke up, the Swede and my friend Mike were at the BlackJack tables. They are hardcore.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!!!!!




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