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Aaron Jones Strategy Podcast (& INSTAGRAM)

April 10, 2012

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Hey guys!

Last week I interviewed Aaron Jones, also known as "aejones" online. He's CEO of, a sicko cash-game and tournament player, and an all around cool dude. We talked about poker lifestyle and strategy theory. If you missed it, here it is:

This week, I had him on to analyze a few hands that were sent in. On the podcast, I promised I'd post hand histories on my blog so it would be easier for you guys to follow along. Here they are:

Hand #1

Hand #2

Hand #3
Game: Live $2-$5 No-Limit Hold'em ($500 max buy-in)

The player in the cutoff raises the $10 UTG straddle to $35. Hero flats with pocket {10-}{10-}. The straddle calls.

The flop is {k-}{k-}{x-}. The straddle and original raiser checks. Hero bets $60. The straddle folds and the original raiser calls.

The turn is {a-}. There are no flush draws. It checks to Hero.

Here is the interview:

I hope you guys enjoy listening to these interviews as much I as I enjoyed recording them. Aaron is so amazing at hand reading that it inspired me and re-motivated me to continue improving.

And speaking of improving, I've been on a huge health kick since being in Vegas. It's almost impossible to eat super healthy and work out on a regular basis when you're on the road. So ummm... if you've got a bandaid, could you give it to me? BECAUSE I'M CUT!!!!!

Errr... well, I'm trying. Hahaha those jokes never get old to me. But when I am super ripped, don't worry. I'll totally give you guys FREE TICKETS TO THE GUN SHOW!!!!! wahhhhhhhhhh.

So, as you can see, I'm totally obsessed with Instagram. FB just bought it for $1 BILLION. Pretty crazy. Anyway, do you guys use it? If you do, let me know your username. Mine is Snaptress.

And you can also follow my fellow hostesses and PN on Instagram as well!!

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