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Happy 2012 from PCA

January 06, 2012

Tags: Kristy arnett, New years, Las vegas, Pca, Bahamas, Sarah grant.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year Thumbs Up I had a really good time taking advantage of living on the Strip. My friends and I walked down from Veer to Flamingo and Las Vegas. It was so crowded, but SO much fun.

My first trip of the year for PokerNews is back to the Bahamas for the PCA. Sarah and I shot a welcome video the first day we were here. Since there are been numerous welcome videos from this location, we decided to have some fun!

I'm looking forward to reaching a few personal goals this year. Last year was my favorite one so far, but probably because I just had way too much fun. This year, I want to focus, stay motivated, and make some progress in other parts of my life.

Do you guys have resolutions? If so, work hard! Stick with them! This song is going to motivate me this year!

<3 Kris



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