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Strategy with Kristy Interview w/ Reid Young

August 09, 2012

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For those of you guys who listen to the Strategy with Kristy podcast, I thought I'd post the outline Reid Young made for the hands we talked about. Hopefully this makes it easier for you guys to follow along! And btw, thanks to Reid for making this the easiest strategy interview ever! Smile

Hand 1 - Post-flop Squeeze

-UTG raise, cut off calls, button (hero) calls with {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}, blinds fold
-UTG is a loose multi-tabling pro who continuation bets too often, cut off is an appropriately loose regular, given UTG's range, and both view hero as a solid winning player in the game
-Flop: {8-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}
-UTG continuation bets, cutoff calls, hero raises and both players fold their hands.
-Discuss both UTG and cutoff's range and why it's important both hand some hands they're automatically folding (16 combinations of non-paired holdings in Hold'em hands and all that fun stuff)

Hand 2 - Topic Calling Big Hands Pre-flop (Reid answers a question on TwoPlusTwo

-Middle position player raises, hero calls on the cutoff with QQ, all other players fold
-Flop: 732 rainbow
-Villain continuation bets and we call
-Turn: 5c (brings the second club on board)
-Villain bets and Hero raises ???
-We are not particularly happy about the prospect of getting all in pre-flop against the PFR (it isn't as profitable as flatting in this instance in the long- and short-term sense of the concept)
-We expect to be squeezed often by the remaining players and QQ does great against their range
-We have been barrelled extremely often post flop and want some ammunition for picking off bluffs and value bets from worse hands
-We have been seen raising the flop often and so we want to get tricky while our hand is under-represented, anticipating lots of actions from bluffs and from worse hands
-We want to protect our range (this is really the previous ideas combined, except for when we're talking about a pre-flop re-raising range, which now appears to be quite tight for value)
-Our turn raise represents very little or no air, only hands like turning 66 into a bluff which isn't that valuable when compared to calling with 66 as we can assume villain has a wide range for betting turn
-When we consider why we called pre-flop and how strong our turn raise appears, this becomes a very clear call.

Hand 3 - Sneaky Floating
-Hero raises on the button with A4o
-SB and BB call (description of both)
-Flop T33 rainbow
-SB leads and BB waits a few seconds and raises, an awkward amount of time for the BB to act
-Button (Reid) calls
-SB instantly folds
-turn off suit T
-BB check, button check
-river 7, BB check, button check
-A4 > K6
-SB's lead represents very little and we know he knows that. It's basically an invitation to battle. Thankfully, we have ace high.
-BB thwarts our plan to throw down and does the raising himself! A play that represents very little for value, given how little sense SB's bet makes and how few 3x hands BB should play give the pre-flop action
-Because we realize that SB may also have picked up on BB's somewhat transparent play, raising is out for us for the same reasons: if we have a real hand, we would want to induce more action. Now it may be the case that to induce more action in this instance that we should actually raise the BB's bet and go from there. Because we want to represent strength, we choose to call and represent a wider range of Tx+ type hands.
-SB instantly folds: owned.
-Turn Ten. Great... there goes stacking someone with ace high. Time to check down the hand. Note, we can also represent the same range of hands quite well back checking back the turn, given how polarized BB's flop raising range appears to be. Betting twice may fold out a 3x hand but BB may also simply not fold a full house (Zeebo rule) or might be getting tricky with a Tx figuring that we'll bet a three twice and our floats twice in addition to his inability to get value from many worse hands by betting.
River 7
-BB checks, as expected and because we may still have the hands we are representing on the flop with our call. It's very unlikely BB would play a medium pair like 66 in the way he did and so ace high figures to be the best hand and betting is very unlikely to fold out a better hand, since all better hands would be full houses.
We check and beat K6.



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