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Reid Young Strategy

March 25, 2013 2 comments

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Hey guys!

I just got back from a trip of a lifetime to Seoul, South Korea and to Tokyo, Japan. I plan on writing a long blog about the trip, but for now, it's all about POKER!

I played my first APPT Main Event while in Seoul. It didn't go too well, but I discussed my experience in an episode of Strategy with Kristy.

My latest guest on the podcast was Reid Young. He's been on multiple times before and is always a huge pleasure.

On the podcast, we discussed topics from two of his strategy videos on his Transform Poker YouTube channel. Here they are so you can follow along.

Hope you guys are well! <3

Graphs, Poker, & Podcasts!

November 18, 2012

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So last time I posted, I talked about "Grinding Balls" which, if you didn't read it, means playing lots of poker! In that blog and In my most recent episode of Strategy with Kristy, I talked about how the past two-and-a-half months has been going. Basically, I'm running and playing pretty dang well.

After I went to EPT Barcelona, I finally had the urge to play poker again. So, when I got back home, I played some in September, but spent a couple weeks in Europe during the rest of the month for WPT Paris and WPT Malta. Since then I've really tried to put in hours both on and off the table.

My main game is $2-$5 NLH with a $1,000 max at Aria. As promised in the previous blog and on the podcast, I'm posting my graph. [side note: I have a ton of reservations about posting this. At this point it is such a small sample size it doesn't really mean much anyway. However, I know that I'm going to continue posting when I go through downswings too. Besides, I overshare everything on the internet and social media, so why not this too? Wink

This is over 118 hours. Again, like I said, it's a very, very small sample size and I'm running REALLY good Thumb Up

Even though I've been winning it hasn't always been easy. It's hard difficult to find and plug leaks, balance poker with the rest of your life when you have full time job, and I know this is going to sound silly, but running well can mess with your head just as running bad can. You start to feel invincible, so when a crack in the armor is exposed, you can feel unprepared for it. At this point, my hourly for the past 2.5 months is super high, so I'm "waiting" for variance to come in and bring it down. I'll be playing in a big pot and my irrational mind will say to me "Ok, here's where you're probably going to lose a huge one because it has to happen sooner or later." Or, "Well it's time for me to be on the opposite side of a cooler." It's stupid, I know, but at least I recognize it's happening. I have to inject logic, as Jared Tendler would say, and just try to make the best decisions in each moment.

I'm going to continue to put in hours and make it a priority. I'm having a ton of fun playing and part of that is because I can feel and see myself improving.

I am so glad you've enjoyed the Live Grinder Series on the Strategy with Kristy Podcast. I can't believe how much positive feedback I've gotten from it. Makes me feel so good In Love

If you haven't had a chance to hear it, here they are:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

And one more thing! I've entered myself into a competition to be the next Spokesperson! If you have a second, please go vote for me! Click THIS LINK, click the "View Women Tab" and scroll down or hit CTR F to search for me under KRISTYARNETT Smile I'm going to write more about this in my next blog. Thank you so much!

Birthday and Cannes

October 06, 2011 4 comments

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Hey guys!

I've been slacking pretty on my blog, mostly because I haven't had anything poker related to talk about. I actually just moved, and as everyone knows… MOVING SUCKS. However, having moved to Veer Towers in City Center, I should be able to play tons more. The Aria and Bellagio poker rooms are just a few minutes walk away.

I did play a pretty long $2-$5 session during which I came across a few interesting spots. The first spot came pretty early in my session. I raised the cutoff to $20 with King-Jack offsuit. The small and big blind called. The flop came King-five-three, two clubs (the king being one of them). It checked to me and I c-bet $30. The small blind check raised me to $70.

This guy was an like, a 30-year-old asian guy who had my $900 stack covered. What's his range for check raising me? I don't think he'd check-raise me with AK, KQ, KJ, K10. It's tough to have two pair considering he was the first to call my raise, and he was out of position. He couldn't have a king and a flush draw, so I thought he had flush draw (with maybe a gutter) or a set. Since it's obviously way easier to have a draw, than a set, I didn't think folding was a good play, so I called. The turn was an offsuit ace, and he checked.

What do you think I should do on the turn? I should bet for value against draws, right? I bet $120 and he called. The river was a six, and he led for $120. What do you do in this spot? Does he bet that small for value? There are possible straights, which he could conceivably have if he had like 7-4 or 2-4 of clubs, but I don't think he called pre. What do you guys think?

Anyway, I'm pretty excited for this weekend. I'm going to celebrate my 26th birthday a couple of days early because I'm leaving Sunday to go to Cannes to cover the WSOPE. I'm going to my favorite Sushi place and then getting some friends together the play the greatest drinking game ever invented! It's a fusion of beer pong, flip cup, and knock out. Sounds amazing, right? My actual birthday is the 11th though, so I'll be expecting to make my PN friends have a drink with me after work.

Thumb Up


Strategy Podcast with Lex Veldhuis

September 15, 2011 2 comments

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Hey guys!

So the latest Strategy with Kristy Podcast is out today, and in it I talk to Lex Veldhuis about three PLO hands. The following are links to the hand histories to make it easier to follow along.

Hand #1
Hand #2
Hand #3

Here is the podcast:

Also, we got to talk to Michael "timex" McDonald about his EPIC win for the latest PokerNews podcast.

Don't forget to e-mail the show Smile


Strategy Podcast and Going Topless

August 27, 2011 1 comments

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Hello from Barcelona!!!

I hope you guys are doing well! I'm here covering the EPT and LOVING this city. Now, the title of this blog includes two things that have nothing to do with each other. Haha so first, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the feedback on the Strategy with Kristy podcast. I really appreciate it. In case you missed it, here are the first two episodes with my poker coach Andrew "BalugaWhale" Seidman.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Let me know what you guys think! Also, if you have a hand you'd like reviewed by a pro, go ahead and send it to

Ok, now onto the second part of this blog title. Well, I've been in Barcelona for a few days now, and in Spain, the beaches are filled with topless bathing beauties. As an American, this is something I have never seen or taken advantage of (no tan lines ftw Smile ) So, in an attempt to gain the total cultural experience, I went topless!



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