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At home in Melbourne for PokerNews Cup

October 06, 2009 2 comments

Another tournament down after the 2009 PokerNews Cup wrapped up on Monday with local Melbourne player Con Tsapkounis taking the title... And I can finally pronounce his name!

It was great to be back at Crown again catching up with everyone I used to work with. The first event we covered was an Online V Live invitational organised by PokerNetwork. Sixteen online players were put up against 16 Aussie live pros to try determine who were the "better" type players. Unfortunately for the live guys, Day 1 was a series of heads-up matches, which gave the onliners a clear advantage. The live guys came back on Day 2 with single table shootouts, but it was obvious the onliners stopped making an effort as they knew they'd already won hands down.

On Tuesday night I went into the SEN studio to record the PokerNetwork Hour radio show with James Potter and Clonie Gowen. It was my second week on the show so the nerves had calmed a little Smile Turns out Clonie is a huge Saints supporter, so later in the week I tested her knowledge on AFL.

On the first day of the Main Event, I snuck out with Alexander (our new cameraman) to shoot a boat cruise down the Yarra River that PokerNews organised for our qualifiers. Too bad it was freezing cold, typical Melbourne! While we were shooting on the roof of the boat, Alexander copped a belting to the head when we went under a bridge and he was looking at the camera so didn't notice that one of the pillars was longer than the other. Suddenly we hear a huge bang and one of the French qualifiers had caught Alexander before dropping to the floor! We all got a huge fright, but he was a trooper and insisted we kept shooting, despite the golf ball growing on his forehead.

Day 1B of the Main Event was a repecharge, so play was pretty loose on Day 1A as everyone who could afford to cough up another $2.2k knew they had a second chance. Total numbers for the event was 381, slightly down from last year, but pretty good considering the "GFC" downward trend and huge plague of events all year round.

Emad Tahtouh and Tony Dunst did really well in the Main Event, but they both cashed before the final table with Tony bubbling the FT in 10th place. Ouch! But a special mention has to go to PokerNews reporter James Bernard who also cashed in 24th place - GG James!

Mark Vos was one of the early busts, and unfortunately for him, all of his mates were some of the last. So when he was in need of friends, it was Lynn and Alexander who had to babysit (juuust kidding Vos). However, it was then that this idea was born, when Vos started to imitate Van Marcus' facebook profile picture, I just had to make a video out of it. That day was the highlight of the event, rounding up as many people as we could to do this in the middle of the poker room: (click pic)


And of course, Monday night wrapped up with the player party at Tangerine at Crown. That ended up slightly larger than expected, with me hating the world the next morning! I got some awesome news that night that the boy won a seat to APPT Auckland, so I'll get to see him next week when I head there for work! Whoohoo! It's his birthday on the day of the final table... Do you think that could be a sign? Wink Fingers crossed!

This week I'm back in the office, and then on Tuesday I head to Auckland. I've never been to New Zealand so I'm looking forward to it! I'll post again from there. Ciao!



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