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LAPT Punta del Este, Uruguay

February 26, 2010

After the epic journey from Copenhagen to Uruguay, I'm finally here, and have been here for four days now. There's nothing better than knocking yourself out with a sleeping tablet on a nine hour flight, and waking with just one hour to go. Bliss!

We're here in Punta del Este for the second stop on the Latin American Poker Tour and I cannot believe that we're already down to a final table. This stop has gone so fast! So here we are, watching eight men and one woman have make up applied for the TV "unofficial" final table as we wait to lose one more player before returning tomorrow with the final table of eight. As always it's been a fun tournament thanks to the crazy Latino characters down here. Humberto Brenes dishes out copious amounts of kisses as much as he can, resurrecting the infamous Calling the Clock with Andre Akkari, Gaulter Salles and Nacho Barbero, and of course attempting to converse with people in a language I'm useless at. Well, thankfully those nine years of Italian I studied at school has helped me understand a little. Although the main gist of what I can recall after those nine years is asking for a kilo of potatoes. No joke. "Vorre un kilo de potato". That's all I've got. If only paying attention in class was cool when I was 13. I'm getting there though thanks to the translate tool on Google - today I proudly wished "bendiga" to the Spanish guy on our media table when he sneezed.

Our first day here was literally off the plane, two hours drive to our hotel, dump the bags, shower and off to shoot our welcome video to show off all the sights Punta del Este has to offer. It's a gorgeous town on the southern tip of Uruguay where (apparently) all the rich and famous and beautiful people visit. I was expecting Brazilian models and Argentinian actresses to be strutting their stuff on the beaches in g-string bikinis, but I quickly realised we've just missed the peak season - so unfortunately we had nothing like that to show off in the vid for you guys! The most bizarre attraction is the giant hand emerging from one of the beaches. It's kinda freaky, but I heard it's to pay tribute to those lives lost out to sea.



On the first night, as always, PokerStars held a Welcome Party at a bar called Guappa right by the beach. They closed down the street and set up white lounges with red curtains draping from wooden pillars, serving daiquiris with gorgeous Uruguayan models decorating the place - exactly how you'd picture a tropical beach party set up.


That's it from me for now, once we wrap up here tomorrow, it's off to Vegas I go!


February 26, 2010

Punta del Este (photo clearly ripped off Google as I forgot to take my own picture)
Punta del Este (photo clearly ripped off Google as I forgot to take my own picture)

Punta del Este
Punta del Este

Another one (almost) over... Farvel Copenhagen

February 21, 2010 1 comments

The EPT Copenhagen Final Table is currently happening, and, as the commentators on EPT Live have just claimed "it's as exciting as watching two slugs collide head on at high speed". Enough said.

It's been a long, cold week here in Copenhagen, but what a beautiful city it is. Our day of sightseeing was great, besides not being able to feel my toes. Nyhavn was my favourite - a quaint strip of colourful townhouses, pubs and restaurants along the river bank, although I'd imagine it'd be even better in the summer when the sun is shining and the river isn't frozen over:


As we were checking out Amalienborg Palace and Rosenberg Castle, I came to the conclusion that I must have lived in a castle in a past life. I certainly appreciate them, but for some reason they just never overly fascinate me....


The most interesting was on Friday night when I went to Christiania. I've been fascinated by this town and had to check it out. Despite being a little wary of going after dark, the guys were going, so I tagged along. It's a hippy town within the city of Copenhagen known as "Free Town" with no laws. Weed is openly sold on the streets with guys hovering over fire barrels and graffiti everywhere. They've got signs around the streets requesting no photos, so I obliged having a slight appreciation for my life. I relied on google for the below images thanks to others who were clearly more willing to risk it. I saw some market stalls and got excited thinking I could pick up some crazy jewelery, but quickly learned they were selling nothing more than bongs...! Besides colliding head on with a hooded drunk loony who nearly fell over and then continued on his merry way completely zonked out, the night went really well and hazard free Smile


We're down to five players now, I'm starting to see the light! The snow is a much-appreciated rarity for an Aussie, but I'm well and truly ready for some South American beaches and sun! First thing tomorrow morning I'm on a plane to Punta del Este, Uruguay for the second stop on the LAPT. If you're not joining us, then I'm sorry to do this to you, but I'm leaving you with this image.... The cause of why tonight will be an extremely sleepless night, like a six year-old on Christmas Eve:



February 21, 2010

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Copenhagen - is my "run good" extinct in Denmark?

February 14, 2010 2 comments

So I have a reputation of running relatively well (especially when flying or, now, playing roulette after hitting two numbers in a row last week at M Resort thanks to Tony G free-rolling the team). I arrived in Copenhagen last night, and in two out of the three flights over here I had 1-2 empty seats next to me on the plane (yesss!) to continue my "run good". However... Things have taken a turn since getting here. Last night the internet in my room wasn't working, so after almost an hour on the phone to the tech people to fix things on my computer, we realised it was just my room, which meant packing up and moving to another room just after I'd cosied into that one. The blanket on my double bed is a single... go figure? And then this morning when I woke up, I blew the power in my room with my hairdryer. I now sit in darkness using my lappy's battery to write this while I wait for them to flick it back on... I hope.

Of course, the reason I'm here is because the EPT kicks off tomorrow, so today is our day of sightseeing and, of course, we'll be bringing the cameras for PokerNews and PokerStars. Let's hope things start to look up from here? Smile

On a pleasant note... Here's the view from my hotel room which isn't too bad!




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