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Hello WSOP!

May 28, 2010

Tags: WSOP, Kristy Arnett.

I can't believe the day has finally arrived. The Casino Employees event is nearing dinner break in the Pavillion, and a crowd of media and spectators has formed in the Amazon Room waiting for the first $50k players to take their seats.

The PokerNews Team have put together their WSOP picks, so I thought I'd include mine here:

  • Which under-the-radar player will be the biggest surprise? Andrew Lichtenberger
  • Which big-name pro will be the biggest disappointment? Tom "durrrr" Dwan
  • Who will take down WSOP Player of the Year? Annette Obrestad. She's planning on playing a ton of events and she won her very first attempt at WSOP Europe. She has been waiting so long for this, and she's psyched and ready to rock.
  • How many bracelets will Phil Ivey win? Zero
  • How many events will Tom Dwan play this year? Seven
  • How many final tables will Annette Obrestad make? Hopefully, I can count on two hands, seeing as how I picked her for player of the year.
  • Which member of Team PokerNews is most likely to win a bracelet? My wrist is waiting for that Ladies Event bracelet but "most likely" would have to go to Mickey Doft in the Razz.

On top of that, Tim Duckworth put together a Fantasy League competition based on most winnings/cashes, so Kristy Arnett and I have put together our Dream Team for this year's WSOP:

  • Female: Annette Obrestad
  • Previous WSOP Main Event Winner: Chris Ferguson
  • USA nationality: Eric Baldwin
  • Canadian nationality: Daniel Negreanu
  • European nationality: Elky
  • Other International nationality: Jeff Lisandro
  • Online Player: Andrew Lichtenberger
  • Full Tilt sponsored player: Phil Ivey
  • PokerStars sponsored player: Jason Mercier
  • Other sponsored player: Phil Hellmuth

Let me know what you think!

Oh, and last night we had the PokerNews Party at Palazzo's Legasses' Stadium. We got a few picks from the team there, check out the video:


Vegas, Home, Macau... Vegas!

May 21, 2010

Tags: Kristy Arnett, APPT, Las Vegas.

I was in Vegas for a couple of months, minus a week in Connecticut for NAPT Mohegan Sun, and what a crazy time it was! I’ve been living with my boyfriend, Garry, and his roomies Jane and Donnie. They're all poker players so I've been playing a lot more than usual, both online and live, and learning more and more every day. I became a little obsessed with MGM's new 50c/$1 "beginners" game - although I've never actually seen a "beginner" on the table and it's usually just a drunk shove fest with a maximum $50 buy-in. I accidentally slow rolled a Brit in $1/$2 at Bellagio for $200 with Aces but we still managed to become Facey friends rather than enemies. I played one of the weekly ladies tournaments at Planet Hollywood - there was around 35 entrants, I took fourth, and it was the most frustrating tournament I've ever played, but I guess I ask for that playing ladies events. I also played one of the Pink Ladies Poker Tour events at the Golden Nugget. That was quite a decent ladies event but unfortunately was uneventful for me. That leaves me 2 for 3 in ladies tournies... WSOP Ladies Bracelet? My wrist is waiting.

Kristy Arnett recently joined PokerNews and she's been welcomed with open arms! I met her during the World Series last year but it hasn’t been until that I’ve really got to know her. She’s such a great chick, and as she said in her blog, we are obviously long lost sisters simply by resemblance Smile The one day/night that stands out is St Patrick's Day. We started our day at the local Irish Pub Fado’s, dressed in our St Paddy’s Day kits and drank plenty of beer and danced like hooligans to the band in broad daylight. Once everyone’s heads were crispy burnt, we trekked to Fremont Street where Kristy and Andrew met us for giant footballs full of green beer and Long-Islands. They had a lot of catching up to do, but Kristy is such a lightweight she caught right up after five sips. We ended up playing carnival games with everyone winning Light Sabers thanks to GG’s brilliant basketball skills – that then lead to Kristy and I having a “Light Saber Danceoff” which drew a huge crowd in the middle of Fremont Street! Long story short, everyone ended up in the Golden Nugget spa. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking for that night and the rest...








I then spent a well needed 10 days at home in Melbourne. It was so nice to see my family and friends again, especially my two gorgeous nephews who seem to double in size every time I return home:



As for now, I'm in Macau once again for the start of APPT's fourth season. I have to admit, I really forgot how awesome this place is. This year we are lucky enough to stay at the Grand Lisboa, and although the hotel we were in last year blew me away, this one has even more. If you have a few minutes and you haven't been here before, check out our welcome video where we toured the streets (and Glo and I managed to strategically work a little shopping into the day):


The most interesting part of the trip would have to be my first night here when I had a knock at my hotel door at 6am, greeted with who I thought were just three drunk girls at the wrong room being cheeky saying they're housekeeping. But then when I get another knock 2 minutes later after telling them they have the wrong room, again hearing "house keeping" and them trying to still come in, I realized exactly what they were... Hookers. Call me naive and sheltered, but I've only just realised that they're everywhere! There's so many that it's hard to not (unfairly) assume that most pretty girls you see are most likely working. I went across to the Lisboa Casino today, and there was a group of about eight of them doing laps around in circles just looking for clients. At the APPT Player Party's "after party" at Lion's Bar at MGM there were soooo many girls just lined up trying to get all the boys attention. Whether they were working, or just looking for "that special one", who knows, but it's certainly an eye opener. Speaking of the APPT Player Party - that was a doosey thanks to "Michael Jackson". Danny McDonagh and Robin Lim were cruel enough to drag me on stage to dance with "Michael" which lasted 2.5 seconds before I jumped off blushing. Anyway, "Michael" was pretty cool - no one will ever be as amazing as the real MJ of course - but he did steal everyone's attention for the entire show. We even got him to perform an encore at Lion's Bar (he rocked up fully dressed - I wonder if he dresses like that all the time?)


Anyway, if you haven't been following the live reporting from APPT Macau then click here! The Live Reporting Blog has a brand new set-up, so let me know what you think of it?

That's it from me for now, once we wrap up here in Macau (after a take down the Ladies Event tomorrow night of course) it's back to Vegas for the longest grind of the year at WSOP!



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