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Kristy Arnett's Three Day Bachelorette Bender

May 12, 2011

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I am now home in the Land Down Under after the wildest Las Vegas adventure my body has ever experienced – and event I titled Kristy Arnett’s Three-Day-Vegas-Bachelorette-B ender . It was a triple event schedule and the choice was simple – buy in to one, some, or all events. Not many survived all events. In fact, it was just Kristy and me who made it through all three. Kristy even added on her own “rebuy event” on the fourth day when she joined up with the bachelor and his friends at XS. She’s one hell of a drinking machine.

The Preliminary Event

As I described in my blog last week, being a girl in this town can be cheap – really cheap. In fact, almost free if you play your cards right (yes, that pun was intended). Last week we enjoyed the free Goddess Dinner at Lavo held every Wednesday night. Its big-sister club Tao also holds these dinners on Thursdays. I’m much more of a fan of Asian cuisine over Italian, so I was super excited for this one, and we sure weren’t let down. Despite being hustled around like sheep for an hour with the hundreds of other girls queuing up to get our free feed, it was totally worth it. Don’t take that “hundreds of girls” comment lightly – I mean it.

Once you’re inside Tao and waiting for your table, your promoter can usually look after your group pretty well with free drink cards or even a bottle to help time pass. Once you’re seated, the waiter takes orders for the first complimentary round of cocktails, delivers a round of shots (also free), and from there the feast of all-you-can-eat lettuce wraps, dumplings, fried rice, sushi and sashimi begins. Our night remained tame for most part and ended up at Kristy’s house where rehearsals for LMFAO’s dance routine to Party Rock Anthem continued from the day before.

Girls Night Out @ Tao
Girls Night Out @ Tao

The Main Event

With some early change of plans, after Kristy’s fiancé surprised us that morning with a suite at Aria, our Main Event ended up even larger and longer than we had originally planned. All the girls put on their bikinis and packed their party dresses for that night and checked into one of the sexiest suites I’ve ever been in, overlooking Aria’s never-ending selection of pools. This weekend was looking more and more like the setting of The Hangover.

During the day, only three of us trooped up to the early drinking and dancing session by the pool with a visit to Liquid, Aria’s pool party. After standing around looking lost for a few minutes, we were offered a spare daybed, which wasn’t being used by a bachelor party that had “called it a night” by 2 p.m. We were obviously happy to accept.

After an afternoon of drinking, tanning and dancing by the pool, we trekked upstairs to make ourselves presentable for the official Main Event festivities. Being the Australian bridesmaid that I am, it was only natural for me to take us all to one show: Thunder From Down Under.

For weeks I had Kristy telling me she didn’t want a single feather boa, tiara, sash, or anything else tacky-bachelorette-party related, so I happily complied with her orders and she received none. Until we sit an intoxicated Kristy down in the front row of Thunder From Down Under and she realized she’s the only bachelorette without a token Thunder From Down Under tiara. She turned to me with a grumpy face and asked “Where is my tiara?!” So off I go on a hunt to ensure that she got a piece of plastic that guarantees her a lap dance. And that it did, from what she described as a “prickly bum” before she fell asleep midway through the show – still sitting in the front row. She’s a wild one, our ol’ Kris!

After the show and with a few drinks in tow, it was off to Haze for a boogie. It was here that Kristy received her weekend-making present from her fiancé and friends (including our very own Donnie Peters) with her best friend and Maid of Honor showing up as a surprise.

The Second Chance Event

After seven girls crashed (and trashed) the one-bed suite (the most comfortable bed I’ve ever been on) we were all up by 11 a.m. with drinks in hand ready to go again. We originally had a daybed booked at Tao Beach, but figured we’d hit up Liquid again instead, seeing as how we were there already. Well, that was a bad decision all thanks to a promoter named Will who couldn’t keep a promise of helping us out with a daybed. Long story short, two hours of sitting at the bar (I’ll admit with a few free champagnes to soften the blow), we finally were told that we couldn’t get one. I was so angry! In fact, I was so angry that even our bachelorette herself bought me a drink to calm me down, and it was one heck of a strong Mojito, so it did the trick. So strong, that the next few hours were just a giant blur.

Liquid @ Aria
Liquid @ Aria

After packing up from the suite, we went to Kristy’s house to take a nap. I really thought that would be the end of the three days of constant drinking, but two hours later I was awakened up by the girls who were ready to rally. Seriously? Uuuuggghh! My body was hating me! Of course, with everyone struggling so hard, yet still so persistent to still go out, you just know it’s going to be one of those nights that top off the entire weekend. And that it was. One of the best promoters in Las Vegas, James Ramirez, hooked us up with a table on the dance floor of Tao. Jamie Fox was hosting the night, and I swear we were sharing the table next to us with a member of the JabbaWockeeZ. I would go into detail of the night, but unfortunately I can’t – it blurred into my afternoon of blankness... Wink

More from Vegas...

May 10, 2011

If you haven’t already noticed from her own blog and videos, Sarah Grant prides herself on being a “dirty downtown girl,” she’s a lover of the oldest, dirtiest casino's you can find in Las Vegas. After our ridiculous session at Bill's Gamblin Hall last week, we just couldn't get enough and had to tempt ourselves for more. On Saturday afternoon, Kristy and I met Sarah again as we dabbled in some $1/$2 action in the open-air poker room at O’Sheas. It was refreshing having the sun shining on your face while playing cards. I loved it. Although there’s something about these poker rooms that you just can’t take seriously... Perhaps it’s the ridiculous debates we always found ourselves in when other players at the table try to teach “the women” something that is completely out of this world, such as string bets being kosher “in this casino.” After a few hours we were all down (and slightly tilted with the debates) so we gave up on O’Sheas, although continued with the trend, and decided to hit up Bill's and join in their nightly $30 buy-in tournament for a repeat of the night just a few days prior. Of course, our in-house ninja Kristy Arnett shipped the tournament with ease and made it rain with dollar bills in the her winner photo.

Kristy Arnett - Champion of Bill's Gamblin' Hall Daily $30 NLH Tournament
Kristy Arnett - Champion of Bill's Gamblin' Hall Daily $30 NLH Tournament

With the boozy poker nights aside, Kristy and I have been frequenting the Aria Poker Room over the past couple of weeks for our more "behaved" (and mostly winning, go figure) sessions. This place is definitely my new favorite room and certainly the hot spot in Vegas right now with every table full, every night of the week. Ivey’s Room has had a game going every time I’ve been there. We actually caught up with Todd Brunson about it in last week’s PokerNews Podcast that you can listen to below, as well as mine and Kristy's first verbal introduction to our newest hostess Laura Cornelius direct from EPT San Remo.

Right now I'm sitting in LAX airport ready to board my flight Australia-bound for a short stint of rejuvenating and repacking at home before returning for the summer-long grind that is WSOP. Once I'm home, I'll be recapping the crazy festivities that happened over the weekend for Kristy's bachelorette party. All I can say right now is that my body is sooooo happy to be GTFO-ing outta Vegas right now, even if it is only for a couple of weeks!

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