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My Addiction: TripIt - Ultimate Traveller's App

July 26, 2012

Tags: Travel, App, Application, Review.

There is a wide range of travel companion applications out there, and while I haven't tried them all, TripIt has stumped me with its brilliance so much, that I've lost any desire to use any other. For the first time in my life, I have felt the ease of what it must be like to have a personal assistant.

Gone are the days of sifting through emails in search for confirmation numbers on your way to the airport, or for your frequent flyer program details when midway through a purchase. TripIt keeps all of your travel information in one, incredibly easy-to-use location.

Simply forward your travel-related confirmation emails (flights, hotel bookings, car rentals) to, and it will instantly (and I mean, instantly) load your day-by-day itinerary to your account, recognised by the email address you forwarded the itinerary from. Not only will TripIt record your flight times and destinations, it will even supply gates, flight duration, aircraft, destination weather conditions, and even driving directions from the airport to your hotel. Everything you provide for your trip, will be saved in one folder, which will then be closed by the recognisation of your return flight. A new folder will then be automatically created for the dates of your next trip. This feature is king for those needing to keep track of trip histories.

If George Clooney had you constantly saying "yes, that's me!" while watching Up in the Air, then this app is 100% for you. Almost all frequent flyer and hotel rewards programs allow TripIt to store your account number, status, balance, expiry date, and even recent activity on one single page... All of them, on one page. You can then click on any account to see the full activity log. Amazing!

The most important tool is the iPhone/iPad app which stores all of this information for you to refer to on the go in the simplest form. Need your gate number? Got it. How long can you spend in Duty Free during your layover? Got it. Flight delay? It'll tell you before the airline does. Need an alternate flight? It will tell you what's available for that too. It will even connect with your flight's exact aircraft on SeatExpert to show you seat reviews for when making that crucial selection.

It's literally like having a personal travel assistant in your hand. If only it could carry your luggage for you too. One day, I'm sure.

LG x

FYI - I am in no way associated with this company, nor am I receiving any kickbacks for writing this blog. I simply love sharing things that I love, and this is most definitely one of them!



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