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Great Ocean Road Photo Blog

February 24, 2012

Tags: Great Ocean Road, Australia.

I like to be honest. So I'm going to be honest and admit to my blonde moment. I wrote this post over a week ago and only just realised now, as I came here to make a new post about Seoul, that I had this post left it hidden. Yep.

It's one of Australia's most prized possessions, and I have absolutely no idea what took me so long to visit it Victoria's Great Ocean Road. It's an absolutely stunning journey and it's only 3-5 hours from my doorstep. I can't believe what I've been missing. Thankfully, this is a big bonus of having an "international" boyfriend - it motivates me to do all the touristy things in my own city/country that I never usually do. And on that note, why do we all do that? So many traveling people that I know have not been to major landmarks in their own countries. It's really sad that we just put the touristic stuff on the "to do" list and navigate around the world appreciating what everywhere else has to offer, forgetting the incredible gifts that our own homes have too.

Anyhow, pictures will never compensate for the real beauty you experience in person, but they're still pretty damn good!

The Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road

Spotted: a baby koala and her mum. So precious!
Spotted: a baby koala and her mum. So precious!

The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles



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