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UK, Ireland, Colombia!

October 15, 2011

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For the first time ever, the LAPT has come to Colombia. I've been in Medellin for four days now, and like every other Latin American country, I absolutely love it. The people are simply the friendliest in the world and I just can't help but smile as I walk around the streets. It's such a severe contrast having come here from EPT London. I did have a great time there with an unexpected (and extremely welcomed) heat wave! Everyday was no less than 26 degrees. One day even going as high as 30 - in October! My boyfriend and I hired those bikes you can pick up at any corner and rode around town - we loved it! The only let down is the vibe of the people. Of course there are always exceptions as I do have many friends who are from, or live in, London, and they are beautiful people, but from my experience with the hotel staff and the general gist of most shop attendants, waiters, etc - people just don't give a damn. Perhaps I just had an unfortunate string of bad luck with my interactions, but that's the vibe that I was left with when my boyfriend and I happily boarded the train/ferry combo over to Ireland and escape the gloom!! Our time in Ireland was brilliant. I was born in Dublin but moved to Australia when I was just a baby. I've been back many times throughout my 26 years to visit my extended family, and every time I have a blast. This time was particularly fun with Angel and I hiring a car and road-tripping across to Galway for a few days. We stayed in Galway City where I saw my friend (and future singing superstar) Coby Grant play in a local pub as part of her European tour. We then drove up to a stunning castle called Kylemore Abbey where we stayed the night in a quaint little Bed & Breakfast. It was then on to Dublin for the chaos to begin with my crazy, booze-hound cousins!

Now, we're on dinner break of Day 2 in the LAPT Colombia Main Event. It was a huge turnout with 681 players - the most players we've ever seen in any LAPT. The poker room of Casino Allegre has been chaos all day, everyday with the hundreds of players plus even more hundreds of spectators coming to watch and support their friends. Of course with the emotion that comes with a Latin American game of poker, the excitement is rife and the chaos is nothing but enjoyable!

On the first night we had the the PokerStars Welcome Drinks at a bar called The Charlee in Zona Rosa - it was AWESOME. The bar was on the rooftop of the hotel, up on the 19th floor, surrounding a pool and overlooking the spectacular views that come with Medellin, no matter where you stand. Check out this video from

The city centre is in a valley with the 2.5 million residents sprawled up on mountains surrounding the city. Colombia is most famous for it's beautiful women and it's amazing coffee (yes, there's one other thing Colombia is so famous for but I'm happy to say I haven't crossed paths with anything related!) but you might not know that the city is full of public artwork by law, giving it a funky vibe of an outdoor gallery. Roads, buildings, parks, everywhere has some sort of sculpture, painting or construction that's aesthetically pleasing - it's such an awesome addition to a city that I would love to see more cities across the world adopt. You can see that, and more, in the following PokerNews video:

For more videos from the LAPT, check out this link. For now, it's back to work! LG xxx



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