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Special Delivery from Las Vegas, Courtesy of Kevin Mathers...

July 23, 2011 1 comments

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If you follow along on Twitter, you've see that me and several members of the poker media who covered the 2011 World Series of Poker found it amusing to play Pai Gow at the Gold Coast Casino. What many of you may not know is that when the fun ended and it was time to call it a night, Kevin Mathers (my poker Bestie) and I would stop off at the gumball/candy machines on our way out of the Gold Coast Casino and I would always choose the green apple sour balls.

Again, those of you who use Twitter and follow either me via @MarieLizette or Kevin Mathers via @Kevmath (or both), may recall that Kevin was looking for a mail center near the Rio to send a package. Several of Kevin's followers responded and I chimed in to remind him that the Rio had a business center that would be able to help. Well, to my surprise, it looks like the package was for me.

When I came home from Vegas, I often tweeted about how much I Sad missed all the little nuances about the fun we all had blowing off steam after tournament hours and it looks like Kevin was paying attention. Today, as the post-WSOP exodus comes to a conclusion with the last of the poker media leaving Las Vegas, I received the ultimate example of friendship in bright red packaging. In an amazingly sweet gesture of friendship, Kevin bought and shipped me Gold Coast Casino green apple sour balls. Big Grin

Thank you Kevin Mathers for the gift (you're the A♠!), and for allowing me the opportunity to show the world how wonderful you (and others like you in the poker community) truly are.

A shout out to just a few of the extraordinary Thumbs Up people that I feel priviledged enough to have shared a laugh with, tipped a glass to, and/or mentored me at the 2011 World Series of Poker: Dan Michalski, Annie LePage, Jon Katkin, Dave Behr, Jay Newnum, Jennifer Newell, BJ Nemeth, Michele Lewis, Jennifer Winter, Allen Rash, Vin Narayanan, Tim Turn, Landon Blackhall, Chris Hall, Suzie McBaine, Michael Reed, Melissa Hayden, Tatjana Pasalic, Lizzy Morone, Mel Seiboldt, Jon Friedberg, John Wray, Chad Halloway, Eric Ramsey, Jessica Welman, Lance Bradley, Jack Effel, Bill Seibert, Nolan Dalla, Seth Palansky, Danielle Anderson, Carol Kline, Ryan K., Susan G., David Plastik, David Tuckman, James Van Alstyne, Dan Heimiller, Stacey Lynn Nutini, Cliff Fisher, Matt Savage, Maryann Savage, Alex Outhred, Shirley Rosario, Bart Hanson, Kristen, Paul McGuire, Kara Scott, Mary Ann, Gloria Balding, Jennifer Shahade, Joe Viator, Barry Greenstien, Victor Ramdin, Mel Judah, Annie Duke, Bryan Devonshire, Yarom Limor, Lisa Parsons, Cody Chandler, Connie Hammock, Beth Gains, Nick Brancato, Michelle Richey, Lupe Soto, Matt Parvis, Debbie Sung, and many many more. I thank each and everyone of you for being (1) an inspiration and (2) a friend.

Dearfoam Slippers, a Chocolate Covered Strawberry & Iced Coffee

July 02, 2011

Tags: WSOP, Fail, Ladies Event.

That's what I got for playing the 2011 WSOP Ladies' event on July 1, 2011.

I shouldn't complain though. It took me a couple of days to raise the $1,000 buy-in by selling nine 7% shares at $100 a piece. Several people supported me and I felt much loved In Love for it.

However, I didn't start the day under the best of circumstances. A last minute room change prevented me of getting a good night's rest and I was a true natural disaster by the time my feet hit the red carpet leading up to the Rio's Convention Center doors. But, I still managed to register with enough time to walk up to the Starbucks and use my $10 food voucher for my requisite quad-grande white chocolate mocha. They also had a fresh batch of white chocolate covered strawberries, so I thought I'd treat myself to one in hopes of a "run better."

I made my way to my seat and watched the pre-tournament presentation honoring women in poker and the flash mob organized by the LiPS Tour. After all the pre-game shenanigans had been completed, Jack Effel announced the Shuffle-up & Deal and it was a struggle from that point on. I had a yo-yo stack pretty much for the first 4 levels and never broke the 4K chip mark. I finally picked up Aces and got my chips in as good as I could, but as was the theme of my Ladies Event experience, the River was not kind.

I was literally left with a chip and a chair with the blinds at 150/75 and needles to say, this was not the event that I would earn my first WSOP bracelet.

Sorry to those of you who invested in me, I feel awful for letting us all down. Crying



I want to run a special game on @liveatthebike on Feb 14. Either a $5K heads-up cash game -or- $1K turbo 6-max S&G #WinnerTakesAll