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Sometimes, I Offend...

September 29, 2011 1 comments

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In response to my recent post on my Confessions of a Poker-Pro Wannabe blog, I received the following comment:

Comment from my post: "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"
Comment from my post: "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"

Now, there is a PezBaby poker player, not half bad from her stats, that plays out of Nevada. I don't think this comment was from her. I could be wrong, but she's in Las Vegas and this comment was posted from a Hotmail email account with a sub-domain. It's very easy to provide fake information when posting a comment and it happens all the time.

I don't know PezBaby (the female player out of Vegas and frequent 2+2er) or this... imposter Confused ...but clearly, this individual and has chosen me to be a whipping girl. Call me a fish, I know I'm annoying, call me a sucker... it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I support my family to the best of my ability and that I treat others with respect and dignity.

UPDATE: I have received confirmation that this was an imposter. The real PezBaby has confirmed that there is a "stalker" out there doing these kind of things.

An Hour's Worth of Work and a Little Gas Money

September 28, 2011 1 comments

Tags: Poker, Bicycle Casino, Cash Games.

On September 27th, at around 7:00 pm, I hopped in my car and headed to the Bicycle Casino to play a $2-3 No Limit Hold'em ring game. I was feeling a little tilted Crying (as documented in yesterday's Confessions of a Poker Pro Wannabe post), but I have to do what I can to get back on my feet, and as it stands...I play poker for a living so sitting at home sulking is not an option.

In order to keep a steady pace, I set limits and goals. Last night, my investment limit was $500 and my goal was $600 or midnight, whichever came first.

I didn't sit at a table until a few minutes before 8:00 p.m. I took Seat 7, and who should be seated to my left in Seat 8 - - none other than Stout Guy. He giggled a bit and complimented me on following his advice by putting on a little make-up. (I didn't bother to tell him that it wasn't to his credit, but more because I had been crying earlier and needed to not look like a hot mess at the table.) Stout Guy asked me if I remembered his name and I honestly answered in the negative. He then showed me his player's card - - Gene, his name is Gene. I looked at him and said he "looked like a Gene," he then responded, "Yup, Gene the Love Machine." I chuckled and smiled politely. Blush

I was up $700 by 8:45 p.m. and Gene was sure to point out that he was my good luck charm. Maybe...anything's possible. I was running so good that I felt a bit conflicted about picking up early in the night, so I texted my friend Jay, for advice. He agreed that if I met my goal, I should stick to the plan and get up. At the very least, I should take my chips off the table, pocket the profit, and play again after a short break. I got up, left my chips at the table, and walked over to the tournament room to check on the goings on. I said my hellos, then returned to the game.

I played two more hands on my Big and Small blind. I lost $93 in the first hand A/K < Ts and won $95 in the second with Kings. Gene cheered that I had won back what I'd lost, and I whispered to him that my goal was $600 for the night. He too said, "then get up, go home and take the rest of the night off." He added that as my pimp, he was entitled to 20%...jokingly obviously.

My Racks
My Racks

I chose to stick to my program and racked up my chips, tossing Gene a $5 lucky chip. After all, $700 in 45 minutes is pretty sick R.O.I. for my $300 investment.

The Price of Gas
The Price of Gas

On my way home, I stopped to fill up my gas tank and buy a burrito...costing me exactly $100. By the time I got home, I was right on target: $600 profit for the night. Thumbs Up

I Got Tilted and Sessler Had a Snookie

September 18, 2011 1 comments

Tags: Commerce Casino, Fun, Poker, Shenanigans, Tournament, Divita.

Yesterday started with my son's first soccer game of the club soccer league season, followed by the Commerce Casino Eternament. It was a pretty sick structure where the players start with just 1K in chips but the levels start at 25/25 and last 2 hours each. I was looking forward to playing it because Chris @Chris_J_Swan Swan, Greg @Gses75 Sessler, Jay @WhoJedi Newnum and I had a last longer side bet, and I planned on shipping it! I'm was a smidgen bit concerned that $225 was a bit of a pricey buy-in for a gimmicky tournament and small guarantee (especially given the $225 re-entry that could bolster one's investment), but the $13K overlay was too good to pass up. Easy money, right?!? Not so much.

Michael DiVita ended up seated to my direct right, TILT. People were raising 4x the big blind (1K starting chips remember?), TILT. There were at least three 4-way all-ins pre-flop, TILT. I ended up getting it all in with Jacks and ran into Kings, TILT. And, last but not least, WhoJedi won the last longer, TILT, TILT, TILT.

WhoJedi and Joe Tehan discuss a hand while Sam Quinto keeps watch over the tables.
WhoJedi and Joe Tehan discuss a hand while Sam Quinto keeps watch over the tables.

Okay, it really wasn't that bad. The big winners of the day were Danielle @DMoonGirl Andersen, who finished her visit to LA profitable; Joe @JoeTehan Tehan, who made it to the Commerce Casino Hold'em Series final table 2nd in chips and Lisa (Tehan's wife) announced that they are pregnant; and Michael @MikeNoori Noori, who min-cashed in the main on his birthday. Amazingly enough, it all wrapped up before midnight...plenty of time to celebrate, no? Well, to be honest we were all pretty exhausted, but since DMoonGirl was scheduled to leave early in the morning today (Sunday) we all wanted to get together for a quick drink to bid her farewell.

At the farewell to Danielle party at Commerce Casino's Arena Bar,
Sessler sips on a Snookie... #FMS
At the farewell to Danielle party at Commerce Casino's Arena Bar, Sessler sips on a Snookie... #FMS

Sam @SamQuino Quinto joined Sessler, Swan, Noori, Andersen, Newnum and I for a what was supposed to be a quick drink at the Arena Bar before calling it a night. As I said above, going in we were all feeling the affects of a what has been long week but, you'd have put your money in good if you bet that we would close the bar down. We laughed, told stories and, after two hours of blow-off-steam-shenanigans to end the day, I gave Danielle and the gang hugs goodbye and headed home.

I look forward to seeing Danielle again soon and thanks to everybody for the drinks and giggles. I'll probably be headed up to Commerce Casino later tonight to sweat Joe Tehan in the main. #ShipIt Joe!

I Need a Life (But Then Again, I can't Afford One Right Now)

September 11, 2011 1 comments

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It's a Saturday night (oh my, make that midnight on Sunday morning) and my kids have been gone all day with my aunt and cousin. Although they were supposed to just spend a few quality hours together before my cousin goes off to U.C. Davis to study bio-engineering, the children have decided to spend the night at my aunt's house.

What does that mean? It means that I'm free to do whatever I want to do with my Saturday evening. Of course, "free" is a relative word. While I'd like to be at Commerce Casino taking a shot at a tournament or at The Bike grinding it out at the cash tables, I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment (and it takes money to make money in the industry of poker). Poker Face

I've been stranded at home all week because my car has been in the shop getting the 60K tune-up, two new tires and related adjustments, as well as several other issues fixed, including the electronic throttle control that went out on me during one of my trips to Vegas this summer. Although I got my car back today, those damn mechanics wouldn't let me take it without first relieving me of the contents of my wallet. They were kind enough to leave me with a handful of poker chips, but funny how chips are are not accepted as legal tender outside of casinos.

Not to worry, I've got some invoices that are out for payment and I'm certain I'll have some pocket change soon, but in the mean time I'm home tapping away at my keyboard writing blogs, organizing the thousands of photos and writing press releases for upcoming events. If you're waiting for your pictures, I'll have them to you next week. If you're waiting to hear from me regarding promoting an event you've contacted me about, I'll get all that squared away next week too. If you're waiting for me to return a phone call or respond to a text message... well, er, um, yeah, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. However, If you're waiting for me to have a bit of free time to have cocktails, that may be a bit farther down the road.

I will, however, be at the Bicycle Casino on 9/11 for the g charity poker tournament. After being hold up in my house for so long, I'm looking forward to getting out and seeing some old familiar faces, even if it is work related. See ya there! Smile

Oh! And here are the pics from the last Fallen Heroes USA event that I helped Scott Diamond do in Vegas last weekend:

I'll have my camera at The Bike so bring a smile full of pearly whites and be prepared to say, "Cheese!" Big Grin



I want to run a special game on @liveatthebike on Feb 14. Either a $5K heads-up cash game -or- $1K turbo 6-max S&G #WinnerTakesAll