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Sometimes, I Offend...

September 29, 2011 1 comments

Tags: Poker, Commentary.

In response to my recent post on my Confessions of a Poker-Pro Wannabe blog, I received the following comment:

Comment from my post: "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"
Comment from my post: "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"

Now, there is a PezBaby poker player, not half bad from her stats, that plays out of Nevada. I don't think this comment was from her. I could be wrong, but she's in Las Vegas and this comment was posted from a Hotmail email account with a sub-domain. It's very easy to provide fake information when posting a comment and it happens all the time.

I don't know PezBaby (the female player out of Vegas and frequent 2+2er) or this... imposter Confused ...but clearly, this individual and has chosen me to be a whipping girl. Call me a fish, I know I'm annoying, call me a sucker... it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I support my family to the best of my ability and that I treat others with respect and dignity.

UPDATE: I have received confirmation that this was an imposter. The real PezBaby has confirmed that there is a "stalker" out there doing these kind of things.



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