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Afterthoughts of Mother's Day

May 14, 2012 1 comments

Tags: Poker, Mom.

Being successful in the poker industry is no small task. I struggle every day trying to be a better poker player, a better poker journalist, a better photographer, etc. But I don't eat, sleep and drink poker.

Although I have been playing poker for well over a decade now, most of the big names in poker are post-Moneymaker and children of the 80's. So, unlike so many of the young poker players I meet, I have a pre-poker life that includes having a 2 decade long paralegal career, being a young bride, a young widow, and raising 3 children, mostly on my own.

But other than being a mom, my past is just that... in the past. These days I focus on my poker career. Obviously my path through poker differs from most because of my role as the host of Live at the Bike and the many hats I wear in the social media/marketing end of the poker industry, but I enjoy the thrill of winning and dream of one day shipping a big one, just like any other poker player out there. In fact, a year ago I found myself sitting on the 10-handed final table bubble in the The Limit Hold'Em $50K Guaranteed at Commerce Casino with a very real chance of a nice payday and my first Commerce Bear Trophy. However, that final table was scheduled to reconvene on Mother's Day and I had plans to spend that day with my children. I knew I couldn't in good conscience return for the final table, so I loosened up my game and although I would never chip-dump, I poorly played AQ out of position in a multi-way pot and exited the event in 10th place. I then enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day with my family.

This year I chose not to play any events that would conflict with my Mother's Day plans. My children stand by me through so much. I'm often gone for weeks on end doing media coverage for tournaments or playing in them. I often wonder if they understand that my goals are centered around being successful so that I can provide a better life for them. Long story short, raising a family while grinding out a living in poker has been one heck of a mind twist and I'm never confident that I'm doing right by my family.

This past Mother's Day, one of my kids gave me this card:

Each of my kids has their own little nickname. The baby girl is my li'l MissBehavin' my middle son is my li'l Social Butterfly and the oldest, who will turn 21 on May 21st, is my li'l Monkey. Can you guess who gave me this one? I well up every time I read it. Thank you son, it shows me that I'm doing a decent job at raising you guys.



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