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Interviewing Isildur1

December 22, 2009 5 comments

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By now most serious poker fans are aware we have an interview being published shortly with the mystery Swede high-stakes player "isildur1." I am extremely nervous and on edge at this time, as I feel like there will be a lot of people scrutinizing this, which is completely fair. That being said, getting an interview with someone who has tried his absolute best to keep his identity secret was not an easy task. In addition, actually getting Isildur1 to open up and actually chat about the topics everyone wanted to discuss was even more difficult. At this stage Isildur1 only answered questions regarding the Brian Hastings session. I had hopes that when he called me back last night he was ready to discuss other topics in depth, but we hit a bit of a wall. It was extremely late for him, and the language barrier (yes he is Swedish, that part is no secret) was a big problem.

We have planned to discuss the big games in depth more today after he had a chance to get some rest. I do hope Isildur1 will be as transparent as possible and open to answering some additional questions. However, it is completely possible that he shuts down and stays quiet again. I hope those who are ready to rip me for doing what they perceive is a "half-ass" job understand how difficult it was to even get a line of contact with this man. I am doing my best to serve our reader, be honest and fair with Isildur1, and maintain journalistic integrity.

This was pretty exciting no matter what the result is, and I am proud that PokerNews was able to get direct access to someone that so many were unable to reach. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to all the comments that are bound to come my way; the good and the bad.

UPDATE: Just called Isildur1 and had a brief chat. We are hoping to discuss his involvement in the big games on Full Tilt in depth later today.


scottdiamond December 22, 2009 Quote

Pulitzer stuff Matthew HONESTLy to get this for the Poker Community is awesome.


Modjo December 22, 2009 Quote

Ya the best! Kuddos from France Wink

PlayedYou73 December 22, 2009 Quote

I've always enjoyed reading your work over the years. Your certainly giving this matter the attention it deserves in comparison to some of the "hack" writers out there. I think there's more to the story yet to come, and I commend you for your diligence.

suvivorman December 22, 2009 Quote

nice interview hope he gets some if not all the money back.

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Sjors080 December 22, 2009 Quote

Hire a swedish interpreter if you want to have a serious conversation. Anything less is just being unprofessional.

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