Very long day but thank you

October 29, 2007 1 comments

Today has been a long mentally draining day i am struggling to adapt to a lot of large changes i have made to my life so far i have tried to give up gambling didn't try hard enough, tried to leave behind my referral business but its a bit like the mafia every time i think im out they pull me back in, have succeeded in the fat challenge but i wish i hadn't opened my mouth about and have also had to deal with the silly behaviour of people on the other side of the country.

A little about myself I am paranoid amongst other things and have a few complexes that are easily minupulated due to not really being allowed to talk about my background people do not understand the triggers, one of these things is in regard to me taking things my friends say the wrong way, when this happens it eats away at me until i can't take it anymore and i become a big sook today that happened with a few people one was very early in the day and the conversation felt extremely awkward due to the situation. I was really depressed about it because at the end of the day all you have is the people around you and your name to defend you and i felt that i was being accussed without being accussed but it was probably all just paranoia.

Tonight i found out that my name is still respected in my former community and that more people care about me then i thought some very unexpectidly i am very tired at the moment and most of this won't make sense but to those people and only you know who you are thank you for your kind words they really lifted my spirits on a very long day.


October 27, 2007

today an idiot made a statement on the pokernews forum that rocked a whole community it was a horrible blatant lie that was said by an anonymous coward and it has left everyone in the community in a state of shock and anger.

Some boundaries should never be crossed and today was one of them it saddens me to think that good people can be hurt by the words of an idiot behind a screen. What was said had no credibility and no reason to be said except out of stupidity and petulance and those that know the people that were hurt will vigourisly defend them till the end they are wonderful people and my heart go's out to them for having to endure this kind of rubbish.

today i learnt

October 27, 2007

today i learnt that with a deduction on a double and a treble it is deducted per dollar not from the dividend of the first winner in this case a 48cent deduction one moment im jumping for joy the next i am filthy after a win.

Today i also learnt that your mates are your mates and other people are just scenery you know, just there to fill the background of life today i learnt that some parts of the scenery are just not required and can easily be replaced with a substitue so today i substituted a scary gorrilla for a harmless monkey and its funny i am still entertained just now without the effort

The day the forum died

October 25, 2007 1 comments

Today will long be remembered as one of the saddest on record the APL in all it's wisdom finally deleted the forums. We had such great memories we laughed we cried but mostly hung shit on each other it was touching and very australian.

Unfortunately we were in the middle of something at the time and this has caused great inconvenience so we have taken the show on the road and moved it to the rumours and gossip section of the pokernews website
where the slanging will continue until we all run out of fake email addresses(weeping)

the tension is building

October 24, 2007

what started out as mearly a bet made from a statement has turned into a beast of its own not dissimilar to the fat challenge.

The recruiting has been intense with multiple attempts by both teams to recruit players and even the occasional phone call or text message asking to join a team.

The hardest part is settling on a team that will not only give my cash the best run possible but also not upset people along the way, this is however my failing, as the antagonist i tend to destroy more than i build and as seen today i am a very good antagonist.

One day i will use my powers for good anyway so far i have recruited and semi recruited a good bunch of guys that are capable of playing many roles in a complex strategy also have one of the top heads up players in the region as a special recruit that i am keeping under wraps and is available if we arent playing during the gabba test and i have extended my search for players all the way to melbourne where a certain individual said they were willing to play on there way to coffs as a favour for past bad beats if the schedule permits.

first pick

October 23, 2007

Having unhornswaggled my first choice it was announced that the internationally recognised golfing prodigy Andrew "panda" Caltabiano has signed on to play for my side despite the best efforts of my opponent.

The teams challenge

October 22, 2007 1 comments

Today i made a $1000 bet with john kelly on a teams event giving him a massive advantage by me not being able to play. Once again i opened my big mouth now i have to back it up, finding a team in port macquarie from perth won't be easy but i will try and see what i can come up with and hopefully they will be competitive for my sake : )

I already had my 1st pick potentially hornswaggled and natley also refuses to travel unless she gets a big cut plus accomodation this will be hard but john i still have a few tricks up my sleeve good luck

seen this somewhere else

October 17, 2007

Moving from online to live play can be a daunting task, "am i giving off tells?" "should i loosen up?" and "i feel so intimidated by that guy with the APL Finalist t-shirt!" are the types of thoughts that go through your head when you first step into the live arena.

Well fear not, i have a Harley Hint™ that'll bring you bucketloads of confidence when sitting down at 60NL after deciding to make the big jump.

All you need is around 500-1k, now walk into Crown and Cash in for the total amount in $5 and $25 chips, proceed to the Vegas bar toilets and find an empty cubical. Now, with the cubical door locked, one by one, place the chips up your arse. When you've completed this cash out the chips and return home. Repeat this every day over a series of weeks till you think you've had the majority of Crowns $5 and $25 chips up your arse.

Now when you sit down at the table you can be confident that the chips your opponents are handling have been up your arse, giving you a decided psychological advantage at the table.

This has been a Harley Hint™ and happy hunting on the green felt.

hills rental

October 16, 2007

Got a phone call today from some clown asking me if i wanted to use a reconnect card to pay my rent in port macquarie i politely responded i dont live there anymore check your records pal.

Rang the office there later asking wtf? and was confronted with a rather intelligent person that basically said i owe money i replied are you fucking serious they replied by hanging up and continuing to do so for my next 2 calls after saying the person you require is unavailable. i emailed them asking what there go is but have not had a response.

it could get interesting im thinking about getting dave to hold the bloke to the phone till this silliness can be resolved.

also thanks bloat for the diet tips i am feeling huge

early stages day one

October 14, 2007 2 comments

I am one day into my challenge and all ready have had to shit like 3 times fat and fibre beautiful mix had a pizza and fried chicken for dinner last night with 2 milkshakes for breakfast and a couple of eggs with hollandaise sauce and some deep fried hash browns and a bottle of coke look fatter already but that could just be the confidence : )

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