early stages day one

October 14, 2007 2 comments

I am one day into my challenge and all ready have had to shit like 3 times fat and fibre beautiful mix had a pizza and fried chicken for dinner last night with 2 milkshakes for breakfast and a couple of eggs with hollandaise sauce and some deep fried hash browns and a bottle of coke look fatter already but that could just be the confidence : )


Magimax October 15, 2007 Quote

Hi all, Magic <|>_<|> Magimax has a little story to tell every one, something to gain for all at my Pay it Forward blog. Hoping we can share examples of ways we have learned to win in our life times. Give a little of your know how and get a lot back for it.
Like to hear it all.

Best regards, Magimax

PortMacquarie October 15, 2007 Quote

fuck off troll

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