The day the forum died

October 25, 2007 1 comments

Today will long be remembered as one of the saddest on record the APL in all it's wisdom finally deleted the forums. We had such great memories we laughed we cried but mostly hung shit on each other it was touching and very australian.

Unfortunately we were in the middle of something at the time and this has caused great inconvenience so we have taken the show on the road and moved it to the rumours and gossip section of the pokernews website
where the slanging will continue until we all run out of fake email addresses(weeping)


Glyder October 25, 2007 Quote

You're a pussy PortMacquarie and I don't even know you!!!! Smile

I was keenly waiting for my daily Sinewav reply got caught with work and find out today it's shut down. Sad

Oh how I will miss APL stating 4-5K chip stacks and giving us 3K. Such is the justice served to us keen APL players.

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