Very long day but thank you

October 29, 2007 1 comments

Today has been a long mentally draining day i am struggling to adapt to a lot of large changes i have made to my life so far i have tried to give up gambling didn't try hard enough, tried to leave behind my referral business but its a bit like the mafia every time i think im out they pull me back in, have succeeded in the fat challenge but i wish i hadn't opened my mouth about and have also had to deal with the silly behaviour of people on the other side of the country.

A little about myself I am paranoid amongst other things and have a few complexes that are easily minupulated due to not really being allowed to talk about my background people do not understand the triggers, one of these things is in regard to me taking things my friends say the wrong way, when this happens it eats away at me until i can't take it anymore and i become a big sook today that happened with a few people one was very early in the day and the conversation felt extremely awkward due to the situation. I was really depressed about it because at the end of the day all you have is the people around you and your name to defend you and i felt that i was being accussed without being accussed but it was probably all just paranoia.

Tonight i found out that my name is still respected in my former community and that more people care about me then i thought some very unexpectidly i am very tired at the moment and most of this won't make sense but to those people and only you know who you are thank you for your kind words they really lifted my spirits on a very long day.


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