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Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Have

January 30, 2012

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This week was my first time going into Victoria's Secret, getting fitted and getting a bra that wasn't from Wal-Mart. It feels amazing. Even though I'm sure it doesn't look different on the outside, it makes me feel way sexier! It got me thinking about the little things that we splurge on, the little delicacies. The older I get, the more of these I seem to acquire. But I do think there is a difference between high maintenance and a little bit of polish. So just what are the little bits and pieces that make up a modern woman? What better than a top 10 list to explore....

Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Have (and splurge on)
1. A bra and panty set from Victoria Secret that was sized just for you.
2. A set of knives that are sharp and easy to use.

3. One Pair of casual and comfy boots. One pair of Fuck Me heels.

4. A cut and color from a fancy salon, at which point one must also buy some shampoo and conditioner.
5. A perfume that you have chosen from the many options. (I used to only have body spray from Bath and Body)
6. A classic watch.
7. A pair of jeans that fit perfect. (I still haven't found this yet.)
8. An expensive flat iron that is for your hair type.
--but do not use it in Europe or you might your fry your hair like I did
9. Some key pieces of make-up that aren't from the drug store. (liquid eyeliner, tinted moisturizer or base, make-up brushes)
10. A easy to use and cute computer.

There are some other things that I have yet to dish out the cash for but that I imagine might be a worthy investment.
-A nice jacket. Mine are all from super cheap stores or Marshalls
-A solid luggage set.
-A wedding ring. Wink (I'm just saying)
-Shallacked nails
-Some actually UV protecting sunglasses
-A designer handbag
-A tablet
-A red carpet dress---When I was on the red carpet I wore my prom dress from high school

I'm pretty sure this portion of the list could go on for a very long time. One can not get classy overnight. And really if I ever was going to make an honest attempt at it, I suppose I would have to stop cussing like a sailor and learn some tact. But, baby steps.

Adventures in the Caribbean

January 21, 2012

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My on camera debut came one year ago at the PCA. It was wild to go back this year and see how much things have changed. I remember last year Nick Schulman was leading the way in the Super High Roller and Kristy told me, "go grab an interview with him and ask him about being at the table with his best friend Eugene Katchalov." This was completely new to me and I didn't know who either of them were at all. I ran up, nervous and excited....the FAIL.

This year things felt so different. Not only do I not have a problem with Eugene's name anymore, I actually know him. Last year if someone didn't have a patch on I was likely to walk right by them. This year, patches were almost completely absent from the Imperial Ballroom. But, I no longer need that signage to signify who plays and who doesn't. In fact due to spending some time on all circuits I have a pretty vast knowledge of players from around the world. But that doesn't mean I don't still F it up. Just this year at the WSOP we were dishing out 3-4 bracelets a day. I remember coming in for my shift and there being a winner whose name was....very Greek...

I whiffed it and kept going. However, by the time I saw him next in Greece, I had burned that name into my mind. Baller.

It makes me think about what things will be like a year from now. Even my personal life is starting to change to reflect my professional life. I find myself actually spending social time with poker players. And loving it. For all of our faults I have to emphasize that the poker community is absolutely welcoming. And being the dog eat dog world that it is, I think the poker community could be an example for the rest of the world. Just because you are competing for the same prize, doesn't mean you can't share and help each other out. I've said it before and I will say it again. I FEEL BLESSED AND LUCKY TO BE A PART OF THIS WORLD. And I hope when I look back next year I can make of myself and the progress I hope I will continue making.

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

January 12, 2012 2 comments

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During my recent travels I have had an exceptional amount of time to read terrible trashy magazine. As a result, I have been thinking of many ways to spice up my blog like the pages of a glossy magazine. One is the essential 25 things you don't know about me spread.

1. I was a vegan for two years.
2. I worked on fishing boat for one day.
3. I get sea sick easily.
4. Like every woman, I love The Notebook.
5. I'm way into conspiracy theories.
6. I used to have a girlfriend.
7. Unfortunately every time I'm on the treadmill I secretly hope The Real Housewives will be on.
8. I have four screws in my right hand.
9. Most prescription pain meds make me puke. Sad
10. I had a summer where I changed my name to Anja de Souza
11. Sometimes when I'm not busy I will watch hours of cute dog videos on YouTube.

12. Once I broke into a historical museum and video taped my friends killing a chicken. (they ate it)
13. I haven't had television since 6th grade.
14. I have worked at Hooters, the Olive Garden and a 50s diner (where my name was Babs)
15. I was a smoker until I was 23 and I chewed. GROSS.
16. I'm cheap.
17. I gained and lost 25 lbs in the last 5 years.
18. One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is with a bottle of wine and a good skype date.
19. I always feel amazing after I leave church.
20. I never feel more awkward than when I'm at a club.

21. When I went to New Orleans I had someone make me customized fangs.

22. I have a tattoo on my butt, my hip, and my waist.
24. Speaking of that, I get the worst hang overs!! Like vomit for 24 hours bad.
25. I had a bed wetting phase. My dad built a pad for me to sleep on that would wake me up when I did I stopped. Thanks dad.

Changing Diapers is Disgusting

January 05, 2012

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I just spent the last week before the PCA in Texas with Heath's family. It was so interesting because like always I had this incredibly overwhelming sense that FAMILY is absolutely the most important thing in the world. And yet I had the reassuring sense that I don't want children. Maybe I'm just going up slower than I thought.
When I was younger I imagined I would be married at 27 and I would have kids not too long after. I've since had my 28th birthday. And even though I've been with the same person 3.5 years, there is no wedding in sight. More than that though, I still don't find myself desiring the glory of parenthood. I keep waiting for the sensation. I'm so grateful for my parents. I treasure my family. So, why wouldn't I want to continue that legacy?
I guess I'm secretly afraid I'm a fair weather person. Let me be more clear. I'm holding a baby and thinking it so cute and touching his/her soft little head. Suddenly out of no where the baby starts crying and I can't get it outta my hands fast enough. Even the way I call babies "it" may have some kind of larger implications. I LOVE other peoples' kids. I want to Love them and kiss on them. But as soon as something comes up to do or see, I'm out of there! I invite the tots over but after 3 hours I think I might tear my hair out. I mean come on....I ought to be more steadfast and true.
Then I wonder if perhaps we are all just growing up a ton slower. I read the other day that 50% of people 18-25 live with their parents. I think that was unheard of some 50 years ago. Problem is our bodies haven't really evolved to accomodate our new sensibilities and freedoms. Or is it evolution at all? Maybe we are going backwards. I sure as h#*- don't have any idea.
I love my family and the sacrifices made for me become more glaring the closer I get to being 'that age.'
Lost most the pictures from the trip when my phone fell out at Heath's dad's ranch. I found some old ones of my family but they aren't uploading in the blog. I'll have to check back and try to do it again soon.