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Don't Do It in The Park

February 24, 2012 2 comments

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I was sitting at breakfast the other morning reading a book by Marcus Borg called Speaking Christian. The book is essentially about how certain words have been used and overused and manipulated. He breaks down the meanings and also the historical movement of the words from their original purpose to the function they serve today. It got me thinking about myself as a person, and as a Christian. I realized that I am a really shitty example of a Christian in lots of ways these days. A big one of them being the things I let spew from my mouth. I followed this line of thought all the way to why I cuss like a sailor. And moreover, why I say things which are very opinionated, often graphic, and typically offensive.
Somehow I have morphed over my years from someone who was known as being very sweet and sensitive to someone who is crude and often angry. Funny thing is, inside I think I am more thoughtful than I ever was before. I am more loving and careful with those that i love in the last years than I used to be. So, why now has my exterior become so crass? Suddenly it dawned on me that I don't say most things because I mean them. I say things for effect. I want to get a reaction from people. I like watching people recoil at me.
I've even started this crusade as an AMERICAN. Smile I've lived all over the world. But for some bizarre reason I present myself as the BIGGEST American on the planet both in political opinion, accent, and demeanor. I don't know that it is authentic. Part of it started because Gloria was on this tournament circuit as a pseudo-Euro. I imagine I wanted to differentiate myself from her. So instead of presenting myself as worldly and informed. I opted to be the sarcastic American.
Anyways, I don't want to be a series of reactions. I want to be REAL and true. More than that, I would love to be the kind of person that people feel good being around. I want to be a living example.
After having this whole realization, my camera guy at the moment Will sent me over a video which was very apropos. Does this guy say things from his heart....or for effect. I think that is clear!


February 20, 2012

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I have been traveling pretty consistently for the last few months on the poker circuit. One of the interesting things about sitting around a table with 25 other people who are all surfing the web is that you start sharing the funniest and biggest internet sensations from your respective countries. There have been a few gems in the last few months of my life that definitely should be shared.
Courtesy of Kristy (I think)

Courtesy of Laura

Didn't think this would be that funny but it warmed my lil heart so much!

Courtesy of my BF, this kid is UNREAL!!!

I'd love to hear what your favs are!! I wanna do this every couple months, so leave it in the comments or my facebook or my twitter is @sarahgrantpoker.


February 13, 2012

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So a good friend of Heath and I's started a supplement company called Onnit. He sent over Heath some of their products to try. Like any good girlfriend I decided to sample some of the stuff myself. I was shocked! The first product I tried was called Alpha Brain. I had just come back from a long holiday and was tired and jet lagged, yet had tons of work to do. I popped an Alpha Brain to try to increase my energy and focus on work that day.

Boom. I worked for eight hours straight and actually enjoyed it!
Needless to say I started to do some research on the products and they are amazing. Essentially they designed a product using ingredients that most manufacturers were saying were too expensive. But lets be honest, what you are putting inside your body and mind for nurishment should not be based on the cheapest and most easily genetically modified products. I mean just look at this:

Using the Alpha Brain has had an additional effect on me. I dream the entire night and am slowly gaining more control of my dreaming state. It is nuts but super fun. Instead of losing eight hours, it is like i am playing for eight hours. I find it even helps me sleep. Meaning I get tired and fall asleep with ease at the end of a solid and focused day of energy.
They company offers tons more supplements including ones to help with the ick that comes after a long night of partying for me. But moreover, it is just designed for balance and mood moderation. It helps maintain calm.

Anyways, I called our buddy and asked how I could jump on board to help bring this into poker. I feel like these supplements could help poker players who want to be healthy and in tune. Instead of polluting your brain with aderoll and energy drinks...this stuff is a great alternative. So I've been talking to some poker players and getting it out there and I think that it is gaining tons of traction already. I'm gonna try to bring some samples with me to hit me up if you wanna try some. And if you wanna buy some you can use Heath's code for 20% off. It is CRAZYHORSE.

Shielded from the Rays of Wrinkles

February 05, 2012

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My mom was always big on sunscreen. I've been wearing it daily since I was 12. I think I went through a brief phase where I spent time outside trying to bronze my skin. But, for the most part, I have always avoided direct sun light for periods longer than 20 mins. Everyone has emphasized to me that the best beauty advice is to avoid the sun. My brain has been bumbling around the summer with visions of myself at 65 looking like a lizard.

I'm afraid now that i may have taken it too far. I worry that small children might have a similar reaction to me now that that little boy is having to that woman.

This particular stop has been a neon sign making me aware of just how white my skin has become. Somehow even after being in Mexico and the Caribbean over the last few months, I still am walking down the street like this...

I mean everyone knows vitamin D is very good for you in small doses. So, I'm making an official declaration: I will get some sun. Maybe not before Copenhagen. But I invested in some new Victoria Secret swimsuits after my awesome recent experience with purchasing bras from them.

I fully intend to use my new swimsuits to get a little sunshine on my kicks! Hopefully the results will be clear by the time Campione rolls up. One can only hope.