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Poseidon Look at Me

March 31, 2012

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I never eat cheese. I only eat carbs once a day. I try to avoid sugar. I travel a lot and I know if I let myself indulge every time I go somewhere with some culinary delights...I will end up looking so bad on camera they might not send me anymore anyways. That being said, I made a decision to just let myself blow it out in Italy. And have I ever. In fact, I am still hung over at 6pm. But that is another story. I have been eating cheese with every meal. I just finished off a croissant. I ate almost an entire pizza. I am really going for it. I LOVE ITALY. I love Swtizerland. I love this choice to eat my face off. And from the moment I heard I was coming on this event, I started wondering about the party. Then, the event manager emailed me to let me know it was going to be ON A BOAT.

After watching that video about 75 times and chanting all week that I'm on a boat. I finally got on a boat.

Then I was Facebook stalking Olivier Busquet before my interview and I saw his wifey in his pix. I was like, she is smoking. Obviously he makes the final table and who is there to rail him? His lovely lady. My response is to try to get her into a video. Then I discovered several other beauties as well.

I love my job!

Impressions of Campione

March 24, 2012

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Just landed in Campione and did a little bit of exploring. Holy Cow this place is so beautiful.

Just strolling along and of course stumbled upon this gorgeous swan swimming upon Lake Lugano.
As I type this I can hear a bell ringing somewhere to let me know that it is 4pm. It seems so ancient and lovely to keep track of time that way. If I wasn't so enjoying the view from my hotel room,

I might actually get up and get ready for my big dinner tonight. We are heading out to a Grotto across the lake for some official home cooking.

I don't know how it is possible that after all these years of traveling around Europe and even living in Europe for a semester that I have NEVER been to Italy. Or Switzerland for that matter. Well, the truth is that I was saving my Italian adventure for a chance when I could really spend a long time and indulge. Like honeymoon. But, as the fates would have it, my opportunity came before that and I couldn't be more grateful.
Flying over the Alps this morning at sunrise I was absolutely blown away. Here is the best version I could find.

I'm a Rocky Mountain girl originally and I LOVE mountains. However, these things are like nothing I've ever seen. They just go on and on with their white caps. Even from the misty lake here one can see some snow caps peaking out in the distance. Thus, Heath and I settled it. He used to drive from Holland to Italy all the time and is going to do it for me. I want to see the whole of Switzerland and Italy. Okay, so it might not happen on this trip. But I am inspired. I am in awe. I am blessed.

When We Were Young

March 14, 2012

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Every time I go home I am reminded of where I come from. Obviously. But it is unusual in that I end up looking at picture after picture of moments I don't even remember. It is so crazy to see a picture of yourself, recognize it as yourself, but still not be able to relate to that person at all. I wonder if that only occurs in the years 0-15. Like somehow after 15 you have consciousness of your memories as being a part of you. Before that, you just have moments. And then some times years and years after that, you are confronted by pictures where you were so in the moment, those memories don't even exist. Yet, they are part of what shaped you. On some strange level you recognize that. I found some treasures.

Looking through the pictures I couldn't help but see that an alarming number of people had died. Many had been relegated to non-friends after some fights. People were just gone from my life. I realized that in my life I don't want that! I want to extend my hand in love and forgiveness to those who deserve it. I think that is the difference between a stranger and someone you love. A stranger has no reason to see you through shitty times both inside and out. But a friend will see you through your shit. A friend will recognize that you aren't perfect. A friend will know that loyalty is the key to friendship. But forgiveness is the only way to truly know another.
Here is a picture of my dad on his wedding day. He and his friends have endured more than their fair share of death, drugs, destruction & divorce. But, truth was on the other side. And those who made it to that side, know it.

RIP those lost. you are missed.

Top 10 Lesser Known Music Artists

March 07, 2012 1 comments

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So my besty from LA came to Vegas last weekend and mentioned she had read my last blog, but was less than impressed. She reminded me of tons of bands that had shaped our young minds that I had completely failed to endorse on my top ten. Upon reflecting on her assertion I realized that she was right. The list needed to be amended. Last weeks list was definitely a good mixture of Top Ten Top 40 artists from different genres. But what I failed to do was account for all the artists who are epic, but not seen as such. The artists that are genius but more on the fringe of popular culture.

Edith Piaf
Sigur Ros
Ani DiFranco--my bi-sexual days would be mad if I failed to include this gem
Muse- although since my youth it has become increasingly popular
Ray La Montagne-one of the best songs ever written & there are many!

Rancid- so may sick punk albums
Daft Punk
Murder City Devils- a genre all to organ and a lotta rock

Anticon- this is an entire record label featuring some incredible underground hip hop like: Dos One, Sole, Subtle

Jeff Buckley--one of the most angelic things to happen to rock

I'm ignoring classical at this point, think I will hit that up at a later date. Smile

Top 10 Music Artists

March 01, 2012

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On the treadmill yesterday I was looking for some junk tv to keep me entertained and boy did I find some. I'm such a sucker for a top pretty much anything list. And yesterday I was in for a treat; The VH1 Top 100 Artists of All Time. I think everyone should compile certain lists which they can name at a moments notice. ie: top 10 greatest movies of all time, top 10 best actors, top 10 tv series, top 10 reality stars, top 10 hot messes, etc. The top 10 greatest music artists of all time is essentially the coup de gras of all top ten lists. I believe these lists should be regularly updated and always debated with fervor. I will leave you with my top 9, and leave room for rounding out and suggestions in the 10th spot. Also, just to note, I do not hate woman. They just haven't made it on my list somehow. I really love Fiona Apple but she simply hasn't done anything in a long time.

9. Nirvana - tons of amazing albums, iconic for an entire generation

8. Jay-Z - started an empire and defines a lot about now (although in this genre I prefer some other artists like the Black Eyed Peas, I think Jay-Z is more fitting as a symbol)
7. The Doors - my first rock n roll crush and Morrison wasn't even alive anymore, he invented the rock n roll poet

6. Elvis Costello - from rock to ballads, Costello is such an artist, his songs can rip my heart out

5. Johnny Cash -

4. Eminem - he continually evolves and has been a real game changer in this era

3. Radiohead - always pushing themselves to CREATE
2. Elvis Presley - The OG.

1. Journey - This one is always a no brainer for me. They have SO many amazing songs. If you wanna make sweet love Faithfully.

Journey - Faithfully (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Journey

If you wanna party Any Way You Want It. And I think the greatest American song of all time. Don't Stop Believing.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Journey

That's my jam. and I'm not the only one!