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Where the Magic Happens

June 28, 2012 1 comments

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So basically the boss asked up to come up with some new and fresh ideas for the WSOP. He recommended that we look around at some of the stuff that we like watching. I'm not much of an internet surfer. I literally just found out about reddit. I've only had twitter for a little over a year. I mean, I am way behind the times. So behind the times in fact that I still LOVE Saturday Night Live. I haven't had tv since I was 12 so I kind of though it was all over for me. Then suddenly I get a free subscription to Hulu for some reason and bang...SNL back it my life. I was searching through SNL vid clips for inspiration when I discovered, 7 Minutes in Heaven. It is a Saturday Night Live writer, in the closet with famous people. Genius.

Also I love Ellen. But we will get to that later. So I gave it a shot. Here is my PokerNews version of 7 Minutes in Heaven.

So then I just saw this Ellen montage and was hoping we might be able to do a PokerNews version of this.

Tricks of the Trade

June 21, 2012

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I have spent the majority of my life under the impression that some girls are just soooooooooooo pretty. I mean you see these hot actresses and presenters on camera and one has to feel that you somehow fall short. Well, girls, you are so wrong. In the last year I have been exposed to an arsenal of tricks that infinitely increase your hotness. I don't know how I missed it all these years. Maybe I didn't have enough girlfriends. Or maybe I just wasn't searching YouTube enough. But let me just give you a few examples.
1. Boobs
Being that I am a cheap woman. Let me re-phrase that. Being that I was a cheap woman, my bras tended to be no more that $10 and did not exactly do much in the pushing up department. Introduce: Victoria's Secret. That B*tch kept it so secret I didn't get on the band wagon till last month. Well, couple that with some additional training, like putting make-up on your chest given by the always hilarious Jenna Marbles.

So, here is me last year

And post boob training

Wow, where'd those come from?
2. Hair
At the PCA I was hanging out with these girls and I kept asking, how is it possible that you all have such long hair. The reply, "hello girl, extensions." I was under the impression extensions were reserved for famous celebs with thousands of dollars to drop after they have to chop their hair for a role. Wrong. You can get em for $200 and they will totally change your look. Here is how you do them, I'm putting this girl in because she is hot so it isn't boring to watch.

Yesterday I was running late so here is my regular hair, it's not bad. I love my hair. But wait...

With some extensions up in there.

I know right??? Almost seems unfair. By the time we unpack all our luggage, guys are like, 'wait...what?' LOL. Truth be told I don't wear make up unless I have to. I'm definitely a hippy in my off time. But it is fun to watch the changes as I am introduced to all this new beauty advice being on camera.
I gotta go make some videos...Smile I'll post some more tricks later.

Fav Vids so Far

June 13, 2012

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Welp, we are nearly 27 events deep in the WSOP. As always it is going by SO fast. I was re-watching some of my favorite videos so far this year and figured I would post em up and see what you guys think to.
As I expected, my favorite so far is the THE STRADDLE. This is a Series where Kristy gets to just put together whatever she wants. She is so creative and works so well with her camera guy...everything they do is genius.

I personally love the chance to put poker players on blast. Facebook, along with a few other things, has essentially eliminated privacy. Thus, if you've done it...someone tweeted it, snapped a pic, Instagramed or Facebooked it. Looking forward to more of this series from the players who play on and off the felt.

Lynn has always been the best at blowing that bankroll. So she headed over to see what Vanessa Rousso had put together in terms of housing for some of pokers' best gals.

Obviously there are more gems coming out every day, so I'll keep adding and you guys keep letting us know what you love and hate.

And We're Back Baby

June 02, 2012

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We are back in the Rio and it feels great! It's crazy how working can actually feel great. This is how we like to kick it off every year.

Kmo and I started it off just the two of us and our camera girl Tennille.

Then FINALLY Lynn arrived. So obviously we had to have a girls dinner immediately.

And Kristy was able to grant us with some awesome BFF necklaces. (yes, we are 12)

I'm just having fun seeing everyone again and working again. I love being able to work from home, but sometimes it feels so good to laugh and joke and play with other people. I'm so stoked for this year and to watch the lives of so many people change.