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February 03, 2013 1 comments

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I have been to Deauville several times before, but this time has been amazing so far.

For starters, for the 3rd time in the last 6 months my TV on the flight didn't work. Normally this is a huge bummer. But luckily I was sitting next to one of my favorite people in the world, Kristy Arnett and so I was able to catch up some really guilty pleasures courtesy of her computer. Nothing like a little Real Housewives to make you feel good about yourself.

Normally we have to take the international flight and then once we arrive we take a train or cab to a train station and then the train to Deauville and a cab from there to the hotel. Last year I fell asleep in the freezing cold open air Paris train station waiting for my train and woke up with a pigeon on me. This year, EPT concierge made an affordable service to transfer people from the airport. It was so simple. I caught up on some sleep as we cruised the 2.5 hours from Paris to Deauville.

Although it was pretty chilly, especially by the water, the weather during the welcome video was WAY better than the last few years.

After shooting the welcome video I arrived at a restaurant I had been to a few times last year. I was frozen and jet lagged. Well, the waiter remembered me and immediately brought me a lovely Pinot Noir. I didn't even have to ask. In my state of exhaustion I forgot to ask for my pizza with no cheese. But, don't worry, the waiter reminded me, "no cheese correct?" WOW, what a boss.

PokerStars had a beautiful party the day before the Main Event began. It was beautiful and full of one of my favorite drinks: champagne.
So of course after staying classy and shooting the party video...Kristy and I just relaxed and enjoyed.

What a great start to EPT Deauville Season 9.


deltron3030 February 05, 2013 Quote

Sarah, I just got to say it. You are hot!!!!!

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