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December 11, 2012

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I went to school in Prague for a semester during my time at NYU. I enjoyed myself. But, honestly, it wasn't my first choice. I wanted to live in London. I was into punk rock. I was into movies. My guts told me to go to London. I let a lot of people convince Prague was like London but way cheaper. Prague is nothing like London. It is cheaper. It's not cheap. And it is not London.
When I came before, I was alone. I had been traveling alone for months in Europe before I found myself in a dorm in one of Prague's lesser known districts. Although I didn't particularly enjoy traveling alone, I preferred it to what I considered the mental midgets that were my peers. I was so condescending to my fellow students since I perceived them as being typical co-ed types that only "act" like they want a cultural experience...meanwhile they throw fake keggers in foreign dorms and make out with each other.
I found the locals in Prague to be just as aloof to me as I was to the other kids. I wasn't very interested in architecture. I've never liked beer. And the Czech language was impossible for me. Needless to say, even though I had a good time, Prague was never my favorite travel destination.
I guess it goes without saying I didn't care one way or the other about coming to this EPT. If I've realized anything though, it isn't about where you go as much as it is about who you go with. Wandering the city with our tight knit little video crew and my new fiance was a blast. We were freezing by the end, but laughing and enjoying the journey. Instead of looking at how this place could enrich me, I found myself seeing how we enrich each other. Maybe my time here before was colored less by the place itself and more by my attitude. Maybe in some karmic way it wasn't a paradise for me because I didn't deserve a paradise.

Somehow I think as you get older everything is prettier. I think as you age you look more inward to shape experiences instead of letting the outside shape you. We even got stuck in a snowstorm and spent 12 hours in Amsterdam Airport trying to figure out what was going on. Even that felt completely comfy and even a little fun.

I had never been here during the holiday season and I have to say I think that is the perfect time to come. I welcomed the snow! We never get it in Vegas and it just feels more like Christmas when it is cold and snowy. It makes the eventual move from the sights of the city and into a warm & kitchy restaurant all that much more precious. When I think about next year I know I will be excited to go...because it doesn't matter where we long as we are all going together!

Shielded from the Rays of Wrinkles

February 05, 2012

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My mom was always big on sunscreen. I've been wearing it daily since I was 12. I think I went through a brief phase where I spent time outside trying to bronze my skin. But, for the most part, I have always avoided direct sun light for periods longer than 20 mins. Everyone has emphasized to me that the best beauty advice is to avoid the sun. My brain has been bumbling around the summer with visions of myself at 65 looking like a lizard.

I'm afraid now that i may have taken it too far. I worry that small children might have a similar reaction to me now that that little boy is having to that woman.

This particular stop has been a neon sign making me aware of just how white my skin has become. Somehow even after being in Mexico and the Caribbean over the last few months, I still am walking down the street like this...

I mean everyone knows vitamin D is very good for you in small doses. So, I'm making an official declaration: I will get some sun. Maybe not before Copenhagen. But I invested in some new Victoria Secret swimsuits after my awesome recent experience with purchasing bras from them.

I fully intend to use my new swimsuits to get a little sunshine on my kicks! Hopefully the results will be clear by the time Campione rolls up. One can only hope.