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Poseidon Look at Me

March 31, 2012

Tags: Sarah grant, Heath herring, Campione, Travel.

I never eat cheese. I only eat carbs once a day. I try to avoid sugar. I travel a lot and I know if I let myself indulge every time I go somewhere with some culinary delights...I will end up looking so bad on camera they might not send me anymore anyways. That being said, I made a decision to just let myself blow it out in Italy. And have I ever. In fact, I am still hung over at 6pm. But that is another story. I have been eating cheese with every meal. I just finished off a croissant. I ate almost an entire pizza. I am really going for it. I LOVE ITALY. I love Swtizerland. I love this choice to eat my face off. And from the moment I heard I was coming on this event, I started wondering about the party. Then, the event manager emailed me to let me know it was going to be ON A BOAT.

After watching that video about 75 times and chanting all week that I'm on a boat. I finally got on a boat.

Then I was Facebook stalking Olivier Busquet before my interview and I saw his wifey in his pix. I was like, she is smoking. Obviously he makes the final table and who is there to rail him? His lovely lady. My response is to try to get her into a video. Then I discovered several other beauties as well.

I love my job!