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Home Games are Where the Heart is

August 19, 2011

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Yep, home games are where it all started for me. It is where I really fell in love with poker. It is where I saw just how much fun it can be. I used to think dinner was the only way to sit 9 people around a table and make em talk for a few hours. Well, I learned you can get more than 9 people around a table and have 'em all laughing for 5 hours if you get a home game going. After one of my best friends Newt taught me a trick or two and I started getting a bit more comfortable...we amped up the fun. I've always loved playing dress up.

That is my full on "I wanna be Doyle look." But when I'm really trying to score a poker face, this is a no brainer.

Well, as much as I love home games. Turns out it is quite an art to get them together. You have to get people at the right time, that like to play poker, not too many, not too few, people who like each other, competitive people, a designated driver or two, etc. So, I think it had been almost a year since I had a home game. And in reflecting on who I would invite and how I would get it together, I realized a lot of my circle had not only changed, but grown. Before I would invite someone and tell them to invite their room mate or whatever, just to fill out the game. This time, I knew I had a core 6 people that would have my home game back for sure.

Now, while there were a few differences from the home games of yore. For example: the amount of money amassing in the middle, the fact that people only brought hundreds and the sick three-barrel bluffs being call with 9 high. The game had the same thing at its core; good friends, tons of food, drinks, drunks and of course POKER. And inevitably it ended up the same.

My friends are evolving. They becoming more and more the poker community. And I guess if I've learned anything it is that although poker friends may no be reliable in everything. You can count on them to come to your home game and bring their A-game. I feel so blessed to have found the core clan: a strategy hostess, a UFC fighter turned poker player, a super-nova elite, a cash grinder, a PokerStar, and the woman who made me love poker. BOOM. I'll see you guys at the next one. And um, lets not go play cash after next time. Sad LOL.