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My Bday!

November 08, 2012

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Another year has come and gone. I am only one year away from what many would call "the Dirty Thirty." I think I thought I would feel older by now. With each passing year I realize just how much this world has to offer. I hope in the next 5 years I can fit in more and more experience I never thought I would have, and some that I knew I would. I welcome age like I welcome every single day as an opportunity to enjoy more, love more, listen more and laugh more.
It is fair to say that I spend most birthdays at some level of intoxication. This birthday I went a different and it was amazing! I signed up for a tactical combat course so I could be more proficient with my hand gun. I woke up at 5am and drove to Pahrump for the two day course. I thought for sure I would be super exhausted by the middle of the day. But let me tell you, handling a deadly weapon does something for the adrenaline. I was going all day no problem! I was so excited and practiced every drill on day one to the absolute best of my ability. I was slow and cautious and meticulous.
At the end of Day one we did a drill and although I was accurate, I was the slowest in the class. That didn't stop me. I was determined to work slowly and steadily until I had the whole procedure 100% down pat. Heath and I decided to grab a hotel and have a nice dinner for my birthday. It was perfect. We found a winery. And you know I would normally go crazy! We kept it simple and shared a bottle of wine. I ate my heart out and fell asleep early.

Day two we woke up early again. And I felt so excited for another day of training. We did drill with people coming at us, hostage drill where you have to avoid a large target and two smaller target with perfect precision. As the day wore on I could tell my shooting was getting better and better. My confidence increased. During the drills at the end I was hitting with total accuracy every time. During the last hour of class we set up to take our test. Most people do not pass, but some do. As each bit wore on I realized that I hadn't missed a single shot. The teacher came over and told me that in the entire history of this test only one person had ever scored perfect and it was the second time he took the class. No one had ever scored perfect on the first time.
Ultimately there was one shot at 25 yards where I shot in the forehead instead of between the eyes. This cost me 3 points. So, unfortunately I was unable to make the perfect score. I did however finish first in the class and was invited to move up to a more difficult class next time. It felt incredible. 6 months ago I was petrified of guns. Now I can handle it easily and effectively with near perfect accuracy. I am so grateful for the chance to exercise my rights as an American and more importantly for the knowledge.

Who knows where I'll be next year on my birthday. But, one thing I know for sure, I'm gonna keep eating up this life with fervor. Every year is such a blessing. I look forward to the person I will be when I've had 60 of them and the tools I will have in my arsenal by then.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

August 27, 2012 1 comments

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Every time Heath and I go swimming, I'm left with a feeling, "is that it?" Somehow my experience of swimming no longer lives up to the memories I have of splashing around for hours. Recently I resolved myself to the idea that that part of my life was the distant past.
Boom. Not true.
Heath and I went to Texas for a little family re-union this last week and I splashed my face off!! Both Heath's brother and sister have kids. I hadn't seen them in a few years. What a difference a few years make. Playing with those little treasures is the best vacation a girl could ask for. Better than sleeping in. Better than pina coladas.
Being a kid again is an all-inclusive vacation from being a grown up.
Meet my youngest best friend.

She grabbed 3 calculators and we began scheming ways to take over the world. (seriously, how cool is she?)
Meet the twins.

Who did Insanity with us, FOR FUN!!!!
Meet the baby.

Who has more fun with a water bottle than any toy.

We swam for hours, played guns, took over the world, wrestled and even played some poker. I have to say, playing poker with kids is the most fun I've ever had playing.

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

January 12, 2012 2 comments

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During my recent travels I have had an exceptional amount of time to read terrible trashy magazine. As a result, I have been thinking of many ways to spice up my blog like the pages of a glossy magazine. One is the essential 25 things you don't know about me spread.

1. I was a vegan for two years.
2. I worked on fishing boat for one day.
3. I get sea sick easily.
4. Like every woman, I love The Notebook.
5. I'm way into conspiracy theories.
6. I used to have a girlfriend.
7. Unfortunately every time I'm on the treadmill I secretly hope The Real Housewives will be on.
8. I have four screws in my right hand.
9. Most prescription pain meds make me puke. Sad
10. I had a summer where I changed my name to Anja de Souza
11. Sometimes when I'm not busy I will watch hours of cute dog videos on YouTube.

12. Once I broke into a historical museum and video taped my friends killing a chicken. (they ate it)
13. I haven't had television since 6th grade.
14. I have worked at Hooters, the Olive Garden and a 50s diner (where my name was Babs)
15. I was a smoker until I was 23 and I chewed. GROSS.
16. I'm cheap.
17. I gained and lost 25 lbs in the last 5 years.
18. One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is with a bottle of wine and a good skype date.
19. I always feel amazing after I leave church.
20. I never feel more awkward than when I'm at a club.

21. When I went to New Orleans I had someone make me customized fangs.

22. I have a tattoo on my butt, my hip, and my waist.
24. Speaking of that, I get the worst hang overs!! Like vomit for 24 hours bad.
25. I had a bed wetting phase. My dad built a pad for me to sleep on that would wake me up when I did I stopped. Thanks dad.