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My First WSOP Event

July 07, 2012 1 comments

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As anyone who knows me knows, I am a downtown rat. I don't like to play poker very often if I can't walk home when I'm done. This gives me the opportunity to drink if I want, blow off some steam on the way home, not have to wait for my poker playing buddies, etc. I'm also pretty rigid about work things. If I am responsible for working than I will never feel comfortable playing. And thus, over the last few years, I had avoided the Ladies Event and been the dutiful worker bee. However, this year the ladies fell on my off day and after a big debate about the merits of $1,000 I decided to go for it. I didn't sell any action, I just went full steam ahead.
I prepared for my very important day by utilizing my Casa Don Juan groupon.

I arrived for Day 1 just in time and found my table draw pretty nice. I had a hyper-agro girl, two extremely passive gals, couple of cash game players, a luck box, and finally came Team Bodog Jay Tan. Now I love this girl. We had our wake boarding virginity together.

Anyways you don't start with very many chips. You can pretty much play only a few pots early in the game. I hit a crucial double up when I flopped a set against Jay's top pair. She turned two pair so she woulda got it in there anyways probably. The day went pretty good until I called an all in with KK and obv A8 spiked an A and I was down to around 8 BB. But I hit my flips and took down the blinds a few times. And I made Day 2, 29th in chips.

I had a blast! I even had a rail that got in trouble 4 times. I was like OH GEEZ, If I final table this thing it is gonna go CRAY! I was super amped up after bag and tag around 3am and by 4:30am I still hadn't managed to fall asleep. #amateur mistake for sure. So I took a sleeping pill around 5:30am. I don't think that was the right choice for sure. I felt groggy and not great starting Day 2 and I basically donated my stack with 10 4 off to a woman who final tabled the thing.
But, I did manage to get a poker photo.

Yes, one small victory at a time. And I did cash my first WSOP event. It was an awesome experience and even though I was so mad at myself for the subsequent three days, I think I got a bit more confident. I shipped the Golden Nugget tourney I played right after that because it seemed like small ball compared. Even though I made more at the Nugget than cashing the Ladies! Smile

And after that win. It ended where it started...I gave a shot of Tequila just one more try. Yep, it's still gross.