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June 28, 2012 1 comments

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So basically the boss asked up to come up with some new and fresh ideas for the WSOP. He recommended that we look around at some of the stuff that we like watching. I'm not much of an internet surfer. I literally just found out about reddit. I've only had twitter for a little over a year. I mean, I am way behind the times. So behind the times in fact that I still LOVE Saturday Night Live. I haven't had tv since I was 12 so I kind of though it was all over for me. Then suddenly I get a free subscription to Hulu for some reason and bang...SNL back it my life. I was searching through SNL vid clips for inspiration when I discovered, 7 Minutes in Heaven. It is a Saturday Night Live writer, in the closet with famous people. Genius.

Also I love Ellen. But we will get to that later. So I gave it a shot. Here is my PokerNews version of 7 Minutes in Heaven.

So then I just saw this Ellen montage and was hoping we might be able to do a PokerNews version of this.