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Wedding Bells

January 25, 2013

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Every time someone tried to convince me (ahem, Heath) that there is no need to do a real wedding I am reminded that we do it not for ourselves but for the other people we love. We do it to give people joyous occasions to come together when during the monotony of our lives, we quite often don't find the time.
One of my best friends from LA got married this weekend and I couldn't believe how the old crew came together. No matter where we all live or work now, we all managed to come together for this one moment. It was such a beautiful moment to celebrate where we were and how that part of us has got us where we are now.

My grandma was offended when my cousin ran off and married secretly. At first I wasn't sure why. But when I thought about how many years she had put into building my cousin into the woman she had become I totally understood. Those are the moments you wait for. Those are the moments where you allow yourself the joy of knowing that you brought someone to this next step. Those are the moments you replay later in life that remind you that things are changing, but that we are all so deeply ingrained in each others' lives that deciding to spend your life with someone isn't just about you. It is about everyone and everything that walked with you to that other person.

Society chose to make these moments about communities because it keeps us together. It keeps us connected.