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Top 10 Lesser Known Music Artists

March 07, 2012 1 comments

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So my besty from LA came to Vegas last weekend and mentioned she had read my last blog, but was less than impressed. She reminded me of tons of bands that had shaped our young minds that I had completely failed to endorse on my top ten. Upon reflecting on her assertion I realized that she was right. The list needed to be amended. Last weeks list was definitely a good mixture of Top Ten Top 40 artists from different genres. But what I failed to do was account for all the artists who are epic, but not seen as such. The artists that are genius but more on the fringe of popular culture.

Edith Piaf
Sigur Ros
Ani DiFranco--my bi-sexual days would be mad if I failed to include this gem
Muse- although since my youth it has become increasingly popular
Ray La Montagne-one of the best songs ever written & there are many!

Rancid- so may sick punk albums
Daft Punk
Murder City Devils- a genre all to organ and a lotta rock

Anticon- this is an entire record label featuring some incredible underground hip hop like: Dos One, Sole, Subtle

Jeff Buckley--one of the most angelic things to happen to rock

I'm ignoring classical at this point, think I will hit that up at a later date. Smile