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When I Win One Drop

April 08, 2012

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I just heard a few days ago that it would be possible to satellite into the One Drop Million Dollar Buy In Event for only $65. Talk about a return on investment. What an incredible opportunity. Not to mention it is good for the world too, as One Drop provides sustainable access to water around the world. It got me thinking what would I do with a million dollars....I mean I know people who have gone through way more than a million dollars in a few years. It seems like a LOT to me. But then, how much is it really? What could I actually do with it, if I had to spend it all.
-First I would tithe 10%. Probably a lot of it would go to animal shelters that are no kill Best Friends
-I would buy a new car. Definitely would be energy efficient. Likely a Tesla

-I would buy some property that is farmable and has some water on it. It would probably end up being in Texas as that is where Heath wants to end up and I can live anywhere.
-I would buy solar panels for my new property. Smile
-I would want to rent a huge place and throw a party for my friends and family. Maybe we could do it like a a villa or something on a Vinyard!
-I would take this gun class in Vegas where you spend 3-4 days really learning how to handle a weapon and do it well. And get a gun.
-Start getting facials and massages.
-get a new phone. ( i have the iphone 3 since I lost my other one in January)
-Start a college fund for my pseudo nephew Cam.

-rent a car and drive through Switzerland and Tuscany. (since my trip to Campione)

-Probably get an apartment here in Vegas so I don't have to worry about rent. There are some so cheap right now that are amazing. And I think I will always play poker, so having a place here would never be bad. A unit down the hall from us just got forclosed on and it sold for $83k.
-Buy Heath into the main
-Give my brother a downpayment on a house.
-buy some gold
-Buy a seed bank
-A supply of dried food
-a really good water purifier
-A wine cellar!
-a new work out wardrobe including awesome shoes

Something like that...and probably a lot more!!!