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Photo A Day September

September 30, 2012

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I am notoriously bad at social media. I basically only Tweet and such at live tournaments. In the spirit of social media I had been noticing this whole Instagram Photo-A-Day deal. Any other time in my life I would undoubtedly miss days and to be honest probably have nothing to post even if I did remember. But, being that I knew I would be working for 3 weeks. I just went for it. I did a photo a day every day of September. okay, I missed one day because the theme was 'Before You go to Bed.' Before I go to bed the last thing I am thinking about is Instagram. I thought it fitting to skip that day. Some days were harder than others. I kind of want to come up with one of my own and have the PokerNews or Poker people do it. We will see.
In the mean time, it is over. I thought I would share some of them and their respective Themes.

Some I took Literally.
(Far Away) Me and Josh Cahlik, PokerNews blogger at WinStar Oklahoma Event

(Night) Shooting the Lederer Files

Some I just had to put in:
(Natural) At Gay Pride Downtown

Some I had to be more liberal with:
(Frame) I tried to frame myself with cat ears and the flowers.

These two looked like they had been on filtered before I uploaded them: So I didn't.
(Father) with my little brother

(You, Then)