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Sin City Fun

December 04, 2011

Tags: Las vegas, Sin city, Fitzgeralds, Ballys, Marriage can murder, Price is right, Sarah grant, Heath herring.

One of the pleasures of living in the City of Entertainment is all the, wait for it......Entertainment. Poker Face Heath and I have enjoyed so many awesome shows and days of fun. I remember one of the first days we lived together officially he asked me, "Do you like roller coasters?". Ummmmm, obviously! We hopped in the car and rode the coaster at the New York, New York until we were sick. I've seen almost every CIrque show, tons of comedy and lots of good bands. One of the recent things Heath and did was sign up for Fillaseat. Basically you can see shows in Vegas for free because they want the audience to be full. It makes the people who paid feel like they got a better value.
On Friday we went to see The Price is Right. I never really watched it growing up so I wasn't sure what to expect. But Jerry Springer was hosting, so I was clearly chanting, "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry." He did not disappoint.

I had a blast! Just like the Marriage can be Murder we saw at the Fitzgeralds the week before.

So many things that I expect to be kitchy or lame are actually so much fun.
I guess part of it is having a partner that is down to do those things too. It is so important to find someone who can let themselves be silly and do something not "cool." I love that. I Love doing things that people don't expect. I love being in an audience where the median age is 65. And still laughing my face off. I can't wait for what is up this week.
Oh this week, I'm leaving on friday for a cruise so I might be missing a blog or two while I'm gone. Be back before Xmas!!