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Everyone's An Artist

August 01, 2012 3 comments

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I'm going to really date myself when I admit that when I was in high school hardly anyone had cell phones. When I first moved to Los Angeles having a 'camera' to document the fun we were all having was an absolute necessity. Well, just a few years later it seems there are a million ways to keep track of all the fun going on. And most of them originate on our phones. Slowly but surely we have all become photographers and artists. Some more than others of course. It cracks me up when I see a picture of a bike leaned up against a brick wall and it looks amazing because someone used a cool filter. We don't need fancy software anymore or even knowledge for that matter.
I went to Sante Fe this weekend and boom, I basically could make a coffee table book.

Just when I thought my photography skills couldn't get any more legit. I discovered paper camera. Now I'm an artist too!

My grandparents couldn't believe how fast I whipped up this sketch of them!

I didn't want to be the only one in Sante Fe developing new techniques. So I taught the whole family how to do the skinny arm!

Gotta keep evolving right? Smile