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Top 10 Music Artists

March 01, 2012

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On the treadmill yesterday I was looking for some junk tv to keep me entertained and boy did I find some. I'm such a sucker for a top pretty much anything list. And yesterday I was in for a treat; The VH1 Top 100 Artists of All Time. I think everyone should compile certain lists which they can name at a moments notice. ie: top 10 greatest movies of all time, top 10 best actors, top 10 tv series, top 10 reality stars, top 10 hot messes, etc. The top 10 greatest music artists of all time is essentially the coup de gras of all top ten lists. I believe these lists should be regularly updated and always debated with fervor. I will leave you with my top 9, and leave room for rounding out and suggestions in the 10th spot. Also, just to note, I do not hate woman. They just haven't made it on my list somehow. I really love Fiona Apple but she simply hasn't done anything in a long time.

9. Nirvana - tons of amazing albums, iconic for an entire generation

8. Jay-Z - started an empire and defines a lot about now (although in this genre I prefer some other artists like the Black Eyed Peas, I think Jay-Z is more fitting as a symbol)
7. The Doors - my first rock n roll crush and Morrison wasn't even alive anymore, he invented the rock n roll poet

6. Elvis Costello - from rock to ballads, Costello is such an artist, his songs can rip my heart out

5. Johnny Cash -

4. Eminem - he continually evolves and has been a real game changer in this era

3. Radiohead - always pushing themselves to CREATE
2. Elvis Presley - The OG.

1. Journey - This one is always a no brainer for me. They have SO many amazing songs. If you wanna make sweet love Faithfully.

Journey - Faithfully (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Journey

If you wanna party Any Way You Want It. And I think the greatest American song of all time. Don't Stop Believing.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Journey

That's my jam. and I'm not the only one!