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10 Values I Hold Highest

December 20, 2012

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If it really is the end of the world tomorrow, I'm probably going to regret wasting the last two days running errands, going to the grocery store and deep cleaning my apartment. This is some sort of cathartic return from travel that I ALWAYS do. When I get home...pretty much no matter what time...I always start my laundry and unpack my bag. It is kind of sick. I recognize that.
The following day after hopefully sleeping as many hours as possible, I can't seem to return to normal life until I've cleaned the apartment thoroughly. I have the distinct feeling that until the dust is shed from the shelves I haven't fully returned home. And probably more out of necessity I must grocery shop. It is a sort of ritual. Part of my coming and going.
It got me thinking about all the things in our lives that become rituals. Some of them good, and some of them bad. Heath mentioned to me the other day that I usually do my phone calls when making dinner. I hadn't really thought about it. But, he is right. I can barely chew gum and walk. So, trying to have a conversation that is meaningful and doing anything that isn't 2nd nature is impossible for me. Honestly I can't even grocery shop and talk on the phone because I always forget things and, simultaneously I am not totally present in the conversation. I guess, without my realizing it has become a sort of ritual for me.
I remember when I first was trying to quit smoking, it was impossible for me to get into my car without wanting a cigarette. Now, I would never consider it. But I had developed some kind of synapse fire which went immediately from car to cigarette. How many of these do I still have unknowingly in my life? How many times do I let my little mini-traditions dictate my moment to moment reality?
I guess just living is an act in both being awake at times and sometimes being in a semi-sleeping state. Although being ever-present is the goal of course, it is a very arduous and trying task. WIth a season ripe with tradition right here and also the season of setting goals and making changes I was to stake claim to my goal. I want to actively chose each moment and not let my habits or rituals dictate my life.
I want to be mindful of the things I value most in this life. Top Ten off the Top of My Head

Here's a pic a fellow journalist sent from EPT Prague. And Happy Holidays!! I leave this blog with gratitude and Love!

Top 10 Lesser Known Music Artists

March 07, 2012 1 comments

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So my besty from LA came to Vegas last weekend and mentioned she had read my last blog, but was less than impressed. She reminded me of tons of bands that had shaped our young minds that I had completely failed to endorse on my top ten. Upon reflecting on her assertion I realized that she was right. The list needed to be amended. Last weeks list was definitely a good mixture of Top Ten Top 40 artists from different genres. But what I failed to do was account for all the artists who are epic, but not seen as such. The artists that are genius but more on the fringe of popular culture.

Edith Piaf
Sigur Ros
Ani DiFranco--my bi-sexual days would be mad if I failed to include this gem
Muse- although since my youth it has become increasingly popular
Ray La Montagne-one of the best songs ever written & there are many!

Rancid- so may sick punk albums
Daft Punk
Murder City Devils- a genre all to organ and a lotta rock

Anticon- this is an entire record label featuring some incredible underground hip hop like: Dos One, Sole, Subtle

Jeff Buckley--one of the most angelic things to happen to rock

I'm ignoring classical at this point, think I will hit that up at a later date. Smile