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Tricks of the Trade

June 21, 2012

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I have spent the majority of my life under the impression that some girls are just soooooooooooo pretty. I mean you see these hot actresses and presenters on camera and one has to feel that you somehow fall short. Well, girls, you are so wrong. In the last year I have been exposed to an arsenal of tricks that infinitely increase your hotness. I don't know how I missed it all these years. Maybe I didn't have enough girlfriends. Or maybe I just wasn't searching YouTube enough. But let me just give you a few examples.
1. Boobs
Being that I am a cheap woman. Let me re-phrase that. Being that I was a cheap woman, my bras tended to be no more that $10 and did not exactly do much in the pushing up department. Introduce: Victoria's Secret. That B*tch kept it so secret I didn't get on the band wagon till last month. Well, couple that with some additional training, like putting make-up on your chest given by the always hilarious Jenna Marbles.

So, here is me last year

And post boob training

Wow, where'd those come from?
2. Hair
At the PCA I was hanging out with these girls and I kept asking, how is it possible that you all have such long hair. The reply, "hello girl, extensions." I was under the impression extensions were reserved for famous celebs with thousands of dollars to drop after they have to chop their hair for a role. Wrong. You can get em for $200 and they will totally change your look. Here is how you do them, I'm putting this girl in because she is hot so it isn't boring to watch.

Yesterday I was running late so here is my regular hair, it's not bad. I love my hair. But wait...

With some extensions up in there.

I know right??? Almost seems unfair. By the time we unpack all our luggage, guys are like, 'wait...what?' LOL. Truth be told I don't wear make up unless I have to. I'm definitely a hippy in my off time. But it is fun to watch the changes as I am introduced to all this new beauty advice being on camera.
I gotta go make some videos...Smile I'll post some more tricks later.

Shielded from the Rays of Wrinkles

February 05, 2012

Tags: Sarah grant, Adam brown, Laura cornelius, Victoria secret.

My mom was always big on sunscreen. I've been wearing it daily since I was 12. I think I went through a brief phase where I spent time outside trying to bronze my skin. But, for the most part, I have always avoided direct sun light for periods longer than 20 mins. Everyone has emphasized to me that the best beauty advice is to avoid the sun. My brain has been bumbling around the summer with visions of myself at 65 looking like a lizard.

I'm afraid now that i may have taken it too far. I worry that small children might have a similar reaction to me now that that little boy is having to that woman.

This particular stop has been a neon sign making me aware of just how white my skin has become. Somehow even after being in Mexico and the Caribbean over the last few months, I still am walking down the street like this...

I mean everyone knows vitamin D is very good for you in small doses. So, I'm making an official declaration: I will get some sun. Maybe not before Copenhagen. But I invested in some new Victoria Secret swimsuits after my awesome recent experience with purchasing bras from them.

I fully intend to use my new swimsuits to get a little sunshine on my kicks! Hopefully the results will be clear by the time Campione rolls up. One can only hope.